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Hispania nova

Description: Relief shown pictorially. Prime meridian: Ferro.
Date: 1597
Creator: Wytfliet, Cornille

Audience de Mexico

Description: Map of Mexico and surrounding areas. Relief shown pictorially. Prime meridian: Ferro.
Date: 1657
Creator: Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667

Mexico or New Spain.

Description: Map of New Spain. Relief shown by hachures. Prime meridians: Philadelphia and London. Hand colored. Insets: Costa Rica, Veragua, Darien.
Date: 1814
Creator: Lewis, Samuel

Spanish North America.

Description: Hand drawn and engraved color map showing Texas in North America. Place names and topographical features included.
Date: 1814


Description: Map of Mexico and Texas circa 1824 showing states, place names and rivers.
Date: [1824]

Mexico and West Indies

Description: Color map showing the West Indies, Central America, northern South America, Southwest U.S. and Mexico showing place names, political boundaries, rivers and some roads in 1824. Relief shown by hachures.
Date: 1824
Creator: Smith, J.

[Map of the Breakdown of Texas Land Grants]

Description: A color coded map of Texas from 1835. The map is color coded according to land grants and territories. Many Texas landmarks are present on the map.
Date: 1835
Creator: Bradford, Thomas Gamaliel