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[Card: From Jean to Mike]
A card from Jean Nelson to Mike thanking him for the breakfast and tour of his home.
[Condolences: Bill Hobby]
A letter from Texas Lieutenant Governor, William P. Hobby, sending his condolences to Jean Nelson after the death of her son.
[Confidential Letter: Maison to Martin]
A confidential letter from Don Maison, from the AIDS Services of Dallas, to Jack Martin from the Texas Board of Law Examiners.
[Email: Regarding Bill Nelson]
An email from Karen Estes to William Waybourn sharing a message she received from one of Bill Nelson's previous students.
[Email: Stories]
An email from Sue G. Highland to Allison Sitton, Cathy Thomas, Jackie Oncken thanking them for their willingness to share their stories with a congregation.
[Fax: Handwritten Letter from Lori Palmer]
A faxed letter from Lori Palmer to Karen Estes or John Thomas to account for her inability to attend Bill Nelson's memorial service.
[Fax: Letter from Vic Basile]
A fax from Vic Basile to John Thomas reflecting on Bill Nelson's life and the relationship Basile had with him.
[Handwritten Letter: Dearest Bill]
A letter from Bill Nelson's mother, Jean Nelson, expressing the pride and love she has for her son.
[Handwritten Letter: Third Letter to Bill]
The third letter from Jean Nelson to her deceased son, Bill Nelson, reminiscing and expressing her sorrow.
[Handwritten Poem: American History]
A handwritten poem, possibly written by Bill Nelson, announcing the emergence of a new era followed by describing early America, the political atmosphere, and ideals that were present in that time period.
[Informational Letter: Community Outreach Center]
An informational letter from the Community Outreach Center listing out programs and events that are aimed at offering assistance to people with HIV/AIDS. This letter was sent to Dennis Vercher at the Dallas Voice, an LGBT publication.
[Letter and Envelope: To Harriett Ehrhardt from Samuel W. Hudson, III]
A letter to Harriett Erhardt from Samuel W. Hudson, III questioning Erhardt over the recent reprimand of a school teacher, Bill Nelson, for their expression of the First Amendment. The letter is accompanied by the envelope it was sent in.
[Letter: Bill Nelson, City Council]
A letter from Bill Nelson to his aunt and uncle, thanking them for contributing to the campaign.
[Letter: Bill Nelson, Triland]
A letter from Bill Nelson's campaign addressing zoning issue that Dallas neighborhoods are facing.
[Letter: Bill Nelson's Schedule]
A letter from Bill Nelson discussing his schedule and expressing some of his recent emotions and frustrations.
[Letter: Bill to Mike]
A letter from Bill Nelson to Mike discussing his time abroad on a cruise.
[Letter: From Bill to Attractive, Liberal, Decent Man]
A letter from Bill Nelson to one of his male friends, discussing Mike Anglin, John Thomas, and his travels.
[Letter from Campbell B. Read to Station Manager of KVTT-FM 91.7, "Request for Equal Time" - May 14, 1983]
Letter from Campbell B. Read, Ph.D. to the Station Manager of the Christian radio station KVTT 91.7 FM in Dallas. Dr. Read is requesting equal time to respond to certain claims made by Dr. Paul Cameron, Dr. Clem Mueller, and a vice officer of the Dallas Police Department on the "Point of View" talk radio program on May 13, 1983. The topic of the talk show was the health aspects of homosexual behavior. Read writes that the Federal Communications Commission requires that radio stations give equal time for rebuttal if "questionable, if not slanderous, statements are made about [minority] groups". Read, who holds a Ph. D. in Statistics, challenges the claims made by the guests on the talk show and claims that their comments about the gay community were indeed slanderous.
[Letter from Cora M. Dodson to Mary Ann Moore and Family, November 24, 1907]
Letter from Cora M. Dodson to Mary Ann Moore and family discussing a recent visit with them. Cora and Madeline have now returned home safely and remembers her trip fondly. There is an envelope addressed to Mrs. Mary Moore, Route 4, Box 25, McKinney, Texas. It is postmarked Dallas, Texas, November 24, 1907, and there is a postmark for McKinney on November 25 on the back.
[Letter from Cora Robertson to Linnet White, March 2, 1915]
Letter to Linnet White from Cora Robertson discussing her recent visit to Linnet, their daughters, and apologizes for something she said during her visit that might have caused undue worry. Cora's daughter is at boarding school and she writes at length about how much she enjoyed her visit.
[Letter from Donald J. Maison, Jr. to Ronald Woodroof - September 7, 1988]
Photocopy of a letter from Donald J. Maison, Jr. to Ronald D. Woodroof clarifying legal advice that he provided to Woodroof regarding a civil action case. He also mentions a phone call regarding a drug protocol that they had discussed. The subject line reads "Dallas Gay Alliance, Inc., et al. vs. Dallas County Hospital District, et al., Civil Action Number CA 3-88-1394-H, In the United States District Court for the Northern District Texas - Dallas Division."
[Letter from Frederick Kirby to Hugh Callaway - February 22, 1994]
Letter from Frederick Kirby, one of the killers of Hugh Callaway's friend (Thanh Nguyen), asking Callaway to give the inmate a second chance. It includes the envelope addressed to Callaway.
[Letter from H. Clem Mueller, M.D. of Alert Citizens of Texas, Inc. to "Concerned Texan"]
Letter from H. Clem Mueller, M.D. of Alert Citizens of Texas, Inc. to supporters of the corporation "who are concerned about the various threats posed by homosexual conduct to the normal citizens of this State" (p. 3). "BEWARE" is written in red ink on the first page of the letter. In the letter, Mueller cites various studies and statistics about the "Gay Plague" (i.e., AIDS) and includes other warnings about how "homosexuality is extremely dangerous from a public health standpoint" (p. 2). The letter encourages readers to express their concerns about the "Gay Plague" to the Texas Legislature, and asks for financial contributions from the organization's supporters.
[Letter from Hugh Callaway to Frederick Kirby - February 3, 1994]
Letter from Hugh Callaway to one of the killers of his friend, Thanh "Tom" expressing his anger about Kirby's actions.
[Letter from J. G. Cook, Jr. to Linnet Moore, April 29, 1899]
This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by J. G. Cook and is addressed to Linnet Moore. In this letter, Cook informs Linnet of the happenings in Burnet, TX. The news includes: a discussion about correspondences lost on the mail, details about a girls-only event held in town, a dialogue about how he and G. fixed the fortunes told by the fortune teller at the girls-only event, an update on when and where he has seen Lula Dalton and the rest of the girls in the club, news about the Jones family moving to Oklahoma, and a discussion about traveling out of Burnet. He closes the letter by noting that he is the same Jim Cook as Linnet has known,the same person she hoped he would be, and signs the letter a true friend.
[Letter from Laura Jernigan to Linnet, Claude, and Ruth White and Mary, August 1916]
Letter to Linnet, Claude, and Ruth White and Mary from Laura [Jerningan] regarding local events of friends and family. Laura writes of the weather and of friends she has seen during this time.
[Letter from Laura Jerningan to Mary Moore, December 1, 1916]
Letter to Mary Moore from Laura [Jerningan] discussing news of friends and family. She writes of plans for Christmas, health concerns for herself and others, and other topics.
[Letter: From Maison to Royal]
A letter from Don Maison, from the AIDS Service of Dallas, to Charlie Royal, from the State Bar of Texas, discussing the attached legal documents.
[Letter from Marion Flynt to Ray Bankston]
Photocopy of a letter from Marion Flynt to Ray Bankston saying that he is attaching copies of registration papers for horses Bar Jez, Jewels Leo Bars, and Rey Jay.
[Letter: From Martin to Maison]
A letter from Don Maison, from the AIDS Services of Dallas, to Jack Martin, from the Texas Board of Law Examiners.
[Letter from Maurice Brigance to Dennis Vercher - July 30, 1994]
Typed letter from Maurice Brigantine, III to Dallas Voice editor Dennis Vercher requesting support for the second annual Bisexual, Lesbian, and Gay Art Show at the Dallas Public Library titled "Beyond Pink and Blue."
[Letter from Neal Moore to C. B. Moore, October 11, 1898]
He was glad to receive a letter from Charles while he was in Colorado. Neal will try to explain what has happened since the last time he wrote. He writes about certain expenses that have thrown him and swear to never have it again. He has gotten some work in San Antonio and is staying with Will Firgh. He has come to the realization that he is not a city person and will eventually become a farmer. He asks Moore to keep an eye out for good land for him. He asks about a job as a farm hand, and mentions that his parents say there is no work in Dallas. He mentions that Minnie was in Boulder for a teachers' convention. He says his parents are doing well, but he and his brother are not. He thinks that his letter did not reach Charles or he did not receive Charles' answer. He says that since he is in the country he has no spare time and has made repairs to the house. He needs to do some planting and hopes to get some work in San Antonio to make more repairs. He would like to hear about Charles.
[Letter from Phil Johnson to Circle of Friends board members]
Letter from Phil Johnson on Circle of Friends letterhead, written to board members. It includes a brief description and history of the organization and a proposed change to the organizational documents to change the title from "By-Laws" to "Bi-Laws."
[Letter from Ronald Woodroof to William Waybourn - September 6, 1988]
Photocopy of a letter from Ronald D. Woodroof to William Waybourn, president of Dallas Gay Alliance, regarding the pneumococcal vaccine. It includes a copy of a press release from the Dallas County Health Department regarding the vaccine.
[Letter from Sally Thornhill to Mary Ann Moore, Linnet White and Claude D. White, March 10, 1907]
This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. it is written by Sally Thornhill and is addressed to Mary Ann Moore and the White's. In this letter, Thornhill informs her kin on the going-on in Goodlettsville, TN. The news includes: a discussion about her correspondences, an apology for not writing a quick reply to Moore and White, a discussion about the grippe outbreak and news about those who are sick with pneumonia, a dialogue about Bailey Love's death, a dialogue about the mud and how it makes the agricultural work much harder, news about her weaving project, a discussion about traveling to see family in Nashville, and updates on the prices of meat and an aside on the production of eggs this winter. She closes the letter by sending love and well-wishes to all.
[Letter from Sarah T. Hughes to Norma Payne]
Letter from United States District Judge Sarah T. Hughes to Ms. Norma Payne, in response to a previous letter from Ms. Payne regarding bias against women in law school admission and in the legal profession in general. Judge Hughes describes her admission to and graduation from law school. She writes about the discrimination, or lack thereof, that she encountered as a woman in the law profession and in her later legislative and judicial career.
[Letter from Travis Winham to C. B. Moore, September 25, 1882]
Travis left Sherman with Miss Dora and dropped her off with her family. He took the train to visit Bettie Emerson, who was in Eurkea Springs, Arkansas. He is amazed at how big Fort Worth is. He met up with Charley Moore, whose family was in town. He was very thankful for Charley being kind and courteous. He then went to Dallas and between Fort Worth and Dallas he believes that Dallas will be The City in north east Texas. While waiting at the depot he met George Wilson. Mr Hubbard arrived with Debra Collins and Jack's daughters entertained her. Travis thinks Jack is lucky with his family. He met Uncle Sam Moore and all of his children. He called on Bettie Henry several times. He did not see much of Tom Benton. He thanks Charles and Henry Moore and George Wilson, for their hospitality. He hopes to send love to everyone and thanks for the wonderful time he had.
[Letter: From William Waybourn]
A letter from William Waybourn to Jean Nelson discussing life and Ms. Nelson's recent trip. The letter is followed by Mr. Waybourn advocating for the use of therapy dogs to help veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflict who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
[Letter from William Waybourn and Dallas Gay Alliance]
Letter from William Waybourn to members of the Dallas Gay Alliance responding to critical remarks made by Don Baker.
[Letter: Jean Nelson]
A letter from Texas Representative, John Bryant, to Jean Nelson expressing his condolences for the loss of her son.
[Letter: Jean Nelson - Condolences]
A letter from Texas Representative, Craig Washington, to Jean Nelson expressing his sorrow at hearing of her son's death.
[Letter: Jean Nelson - Tribute to Son]
A letter from John Bryant, a member of the House of Representatives, to Jean Nelson that accompanies a framed copy of the tribute to her son that appeared in the Congressional Record.
[Letter: Nelson to Maison]
A letter from Don Maison, from the AIDS Service of Dallas, to Mary Klapperich, from the State Bar of Texas.
[Letter of reprimand: From Chales Maples to William H. Nelson]
The formal letter of reprimand from the principal of Warren Travis White High School, Charles Maples, to Bill Nelson for appearing in a gay publication wearing a shirt that supported LGBT rights.
[Letter to Charles B. Moore, September 1861]
Letter to Charles B. Moore from an unknown sender discussing recent news of family and friends, farming, and news related to the war and military preparations. The letter was written over several days from September 9, 1861 to September 15th.
[Letter: To Charles Maples from John J. Santillo]
A letter to John J. Santillo from Charles Maples informing Santillo that Maples' letter of reprimand to William Nelson should be removed from Nelson's personal teaching file.
[Letter to Claude D. White, April 12, 1914]
Letter to Claude D. White in Dallas, Texas from an unknown person discussing a successful operation that Linnet White had and her recovery process. The pages are stained and torn in several places, and the name of the person who wrote the letter is missing.
[Letter: To Herb Cooke from Ron Kessler]
A letter from Ron Kessler to Herb Cooke addressing the recent reprimand a teacher received for attending a political event.
[Letter to Phil Johnson - October 4, 1994]
Letter from the Foundation for Human Understanding (AIDS Resource Center) to Phil Johnson announcing the opening of the Phil Johnson Archives and Research Library at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center.
[Letter to the Editor from Ann Brown - 1983]
Letter from Ann Brown to members of the Dallas Gay Alliance concerning issues during 1983 centering around the AIDS epidemic and the Texas Freedom Festival.