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[Alert: HIV Immigration Act]

Description: An alert from the Center for Disease Prevention Services, addressing the CDC's opposition to HIV being on the list of communicable disease for The Immigrations Act (P.L. 101-649).
Date: February 22, 1991
Creator: Center for Disease Prevention Services
Item Type: Text

A Lecture on Sectarian Influence in Schools, and on the Sabbath and Sunday Mail Question.

Description: Text of a speech given by J. A. Stewart regarding sectarian influence in schools, mail delivery on Sunday. Contents: The Author's Habit of Thought and his Religion; Reason and Sophistry--A Contrast; Sectarian Influence in Schools; Sabbath Desecration, or Sunday Mails and Monday Elections; The Records of Heaven, or the Vision of Boards, a Poetic Dream.
Date: 1859
Creator: Stewart, J. A.
Item Type: Pamphlet

[Letter from Charles Moore to Josephus Moore, July 12, 1864]

Description: Letter from Charles Moore to Josephus Moore about local news and discussing politics. Charles discusses the war, the fall of Atlanta, and the death of Union General James McPherson. Portions of the letter have been omitted due to damage.
Date: July 24, 1864
Creator: Moore, Charles B., 1822-1901
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Charles Moore to Liza Moore, September 19, 1864]

Description: Letter from Charles Moore to Liza Moore, wherein Charles talks about troubles coming from the war and hoping for peace to come soon. He copies a letter from his Uncle H. C. "Bill" Moore regarding the sacking of Atlanta.
Date: September 19, 1864
Creator: Moore, Charles B.
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Maud Fentress, October 10,1863]

Description: Letter Maud Fentress wrote to her family regarding the problems she experienced when trying to send letters. She discusses the cotton crop and what her expenses are. The difficulties in acquiring a horse are given. She discusses the risk of capture, pillaging, and warns not to wear uniforms if going on furlough. She gives updates on family and friends. She expresses her anxiety over the freed slaves. She also gives her opinion on books she has read.
Date: October 10, 1863
Creator: Fentress, Maud C.
Item Type: Letter

[News Script: Georgia Tech]

Description: Script from the WBAP-TV station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story about Georgia Tech going to the Cotton Bowl.
Date: December 30, 1954
Creator: WBAP-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
Item Type: Script