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[Boy runs down a row of cultivated grapevines]
A young boy runs down a row of cultivated grapevines.
[Boy walking on a log in a pile of brush]
A young boy balances on a log in a big pile of brush.
[Boy walks beside a lake]
A boy walks alone beside a lake with brush on the shoreline.
[Boy walks on a pile of wood]
A boy walks on top of a large pile of sticks and logs.
[Close-up of cactus plant]
This close-up photo of a cactus plant shows its spines and red tunas.
[Group of people kayaking on a body of water]
Six people in three kayaks paddle around on a body of water.
[Multiple waterfalls]
This photo shows a multiple waterfall over a flowered cliff into a body of water.
[Portrait of an Unidentified Woman]
Photograph of a woman. Her hair is up and she is wearing a dark coat over her matching blouse. At the bottom of the front side is written "A. D. Backstrom, Burnet, Texas."
Sunset at Canyon of the Eagles, Texas
A boy with a fishing pole stands beside a lake where a red sun is setting.
[Tour boat beside a double waterfall]
A tour boat floats in an inlet with a double waterfall.
[Tour boat passes a cliff with multiple waterfalls]
A tour boat passes beside a cliff with multiple waterfalls.
[Two kayakers pass near a cascading waterfall]
Two people in a kayak paddle close to a waterfall.
[Two people in a kayak approach a double waterfall]
A man and a woman in a red kayak paddle towards a double waterfall.
[Two people on a hiking trail]
A couple pause on a hiking trail to look at some cacti.
[Two women kayaking near a waterfall]
Two women in a red kayak paddle in front of a double waterfall.