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[Gathered around the Mayor]

Description: Photograph of D. Fowler, Olive Honeycutt, Dorothy Babb, and Mark Hannah gathered behind a desk as they read over a paper. Fowler and Honeycutt stand in the background while Babb and Hannah are seated. Denton Mayor, Mark Hannah, holds the papers.
Date: July 26, 1951

[Golfers with Trophy]

Description: Photograph of three student golfers looking at each other. The man on the left holds a plaque, and a golf club rests against his leg. The man in the middle has his arm around the man on the right's shoulders. A blemish occurs in the upper right of the image.
Date: 1951

[Master's Hall, Exterior]

Description: Photograph of Master's Hall, which was constructed in 1951. The brick building is three stories, and cars are parked outside. In 1967, it became known as the Chemistry Building, and in 2009, it was integrated into the Life Sciences Complex.
Date: [1951..1967]