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[Advertisement for Dwight's Cow Brand Soda Cook Book]
A card containing an advertisement for Dwight's Cow Brand Soda Cook Book. The advertisement offers a free cook book when customers send their name and address to John Dwight & Co., No. 11 Old Slip, New York, Department 2. There are some handwritten personal notes on the back of the card.
[Change of Address Notification, December 4, 1916]
Post card from the U. S. Bureau of Pensions to Loriette C. Redway notifying her that a change of address has been made. Redway is classified in the U. S. Bureau of Pensions as a CIVIL WAR WIDOW.
College of Business Administration
A card from the University of North Texas' College of Business Administration announcing Dean Henry H. Hays' retirement and inviting people to the retirement reception.
College of Business Administration
A card from University of North Texas' College of Business Administration announcing the appointment of Jared E. Hazleton as the new Dean.
[Craig McDaniel is a good neighbor]
A mail advertisement of Craig McDaniel's candidacy for Dallas City Council. The advertisement includes testimonies from neighbors and his accomplishments in Junius Heights.
[Family Portrait Postcard]
Photographic postcard with a family portrait on the front. There is a young girl wearing a dark coat with a light-colored bow in her hair, standing on the left; in the center, there is a seated woman wearing a dark coat, skirt, and decorative hat and she is holding a baby wearing a light-colored hat and dress; standing on the right, there is a young boy waring a light-colored suit and a military-style hat. The whole group is posed together in front of a backdrop.
Fox Hastings, Bea Kirnan, Ruth Roach, Lorena Trickey, and Prairie Rose Henderson, c. 1920
Postcard with an image of a row of cowgirls posing out-of-doors, holding their hats in the air. From left to right, they are identified as: Fox Hastings, Bea Kirnan, Ruth Roach, unknown, Lorena Trickey (possibly), and Prairie Rose Henderson.
[Letter for J. K. Drury]
The message says "How are you?" On the other side is a picture of Kentucky day at Gallatin Fair.
[Letter from K. Wallace to Charles B. Moore, August 29, 1897]
This is a postcard from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by K. Wallace. In this brief letter, Wallace informs Moore about the death of a family member. She details that all of her immediate family is doing well and that she hopes the same for Charles and his family. At the close of the letter, Wallace discusses an upcoming trip to Dallas and sends her love to all.
[Letter from W. J. McKinley to Claude D. White, July 8, 1907]
Letter from W. J. McKinley to Claude D. White. Birdie wrote them a while ago and they never heard from them. They are worried that Claude and them are all sick. The last time they heard from them they were planning on coming to visit. He asks that they write back if they have been sick.
[Post Card: Where the Cows Go]
A post card promoting "Where the Cows Go", a film about a girl being hospitalized in a psychiatric facility for kissing a girl.
[Postcard addressed to H. S. Moore, August 1, 1893 ]CBM_2083-002-004
Postcard that was sent to Henry S. Moore on August 1, 1893. The postcard is badly torn which makes it difficult to tell what is being said. It appears the author is writing about having a good time at a crowded event and the weather.
[Postcard addressed to Mary Moore, December 19, 1913]
Postcard to Mary Moore in Kansas City Missouri that was sent by W. H. McGee and say thank you for the Christmas presents. The image on the opposite side shows two figures walking in a snow covered scene.
[Postcard, April 21, 1909]
This document is a postcard from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is addressed to Mary Moore who was located in Omaha, Nebraska. The author of the document is Alice G. In the document, Alice details that she has received Mary's letter and will write a better response soon. She also mentions that her and her family are doing better and that their gardens are growing nicely. She mentions that the weather has been exceptional with good rain, but notes that the winds are unusually strong. The front of the postcard is a photograph of the Presbyterian church in Gallatin, Tennessee.
[Postcard for C. B. Moore, January 20, 1882]
The author was glad to hear they were doing well and tells them that he/she sang to Birdie until she fell asleep.
[Postcard for Charles B. Moore, March 3, 1879]
They would like to inform them they have a girl at their house. Ganra wants them to come up and take her with them. He was sorry to hear of Alex's death. He says they are well and sends love and also asks for them to write back soon.
[Postcard for Mary Ann Moore, April 17, 1911]
This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. In this post card, Giselle D. writes to Mary Ann Moore discussing Moore's stay in the hospital. She hopes that Moore does not stay long in the hospital and expresses her wishes for a quick recovery.
[Postcard from B.A. Doby to A.D. Kennard, May 16, 1883]
Letter from B.A. Doby to A.D. Kennard about receiving the balance and he also mentions that he will pay Kennard back with interest.
[Postcard from Birdie McGee to Linnet Moore White, October 16, 1910]
Postcard to Linnet Moore White from Birdie McGee in which Birdie writes about her baby, Frank, the weather, and the health of her family. She thanks Linnet for the photographs of her daughter, Ruth White. There is an image of pansies on the back of the card.
[Postcard from C. D. W. to Ruth White, May 15, 1916]
Postcard to Ruth White from C. D. W. The front is a photograph of a river lined with trees. It is identified as the James River in Galena, Missouri. The back contains a brief message telling Ruth that the writer has arrived in Galena and that he will be leaving later that day.
[Postcard from Cora Robertson to Linnet White, January 24, 1916]
Postcard to Linnet White from Cora Robertson The front depicts a picture of the garden of Tampa Bay. On the back Cora writes about how she is enjoying her time in Florida and will write Linnet a real letter soon.
[Postcard from Dinkie McGee to William Dodd, December 28, 1885]
She says that they are all well and they went to Bettie and Florence's house for dinner this week. She made dinner Christmas day and wished that they could have shared it.
[Postcard from George Stewart to John Stewart, April 30, 1899]
This is a document from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by George Stewart and is addressed to John Stewart. In this postcard, Stewart discusses the goings-on in Johnson County in Texas. The news includes: updates on his and the family's well-being, a discussion about the planting of cottonseed, details about the grasshoppers eating all the wheat and mostly all of the corn, a message to Bill Evans about renting land, and updates about correspondences received. He closes the letter by noting that should John write soon with all the news.
[Postcard from H. S. Moore to Charles B. Moore, August 23, 1881]
H.S. Moore is having 100 to 102 degree weather and has seen a second comet that was not as bright. Maria is doing better. George Kendall has started picking cotton. He missed two sermons, but received a private sermon from Bro. Noble. He was able to have more of a conversation with him. Bro. Penn was ill. Mrs. Welbom moved to Sasby and is going to keep a boarding house. The prairies have every kind of livestock coming. Owls and skunks are going after chickens. A rooster fell into the hogs' pen. William Hubford is suffering from an old wound. Jeff Love picks about 100 pounds of cotton every afternoon. Coffman and Scott went to sell dry goods, but their cash box was emptied of $40. Captain Russell has a sign in his salon that says, "In God We Trust." Aunt Ann is doing well.
[Postcard from J. A. Peebles to A. D. Kennard, December 28, 1877]
Letter from J.A. Peebles to A.D. Kennard about a post office order and trade for one hundred and sixty acres at $41.00 per acre.
[Postcard from J. K. Dodd to C. B. Moore, March 22, 1890]
He will be leaving Monday evening if the weather cooperates. He will have to stay at Gainsville. He will telegraph when they leave and Florence is still not doing well.
[Postcard from John C. Barr]
Postcard sent from John C. Barr in Jerseyville, IL to Charles B. Moore giving a brief overview of recent events. Mr. Barr notes a visit from a friend and the ripening of fruit plants. Two notes on the front of the card read: "Received May 8 1874" and "4th. 1 inch rain last night."
[Postcard from John Wallace, February 25, 1887]
Bettie Stewart died. He mentions that everyone is doing well.
[Postcard from Lizzie to Linnet White, May 2, 1917]
Postcard to Linnet White from Lizzie. She wrote to give Linnet a brief update on what has been happening in life. She mentions that she has been sick, someone that had an operation recently, and hopes to hear from Linnet on how her operation went.
[Postcard from Lula Watkins to Linnet White, May 21, 1917]
Letter to Linnet White from Lula Watkins. Two of the corners are ripped and there is an illustration of a few flowers with a backdrop of water and greenery on the front. The writing is on both sides. Lula writes with a brief update of her life and hopes Linnet gets over her whooping cough soon.
[Postcard from Ozment's Bank to Diana Watkins]
A postcard written by J.W. Ozment to Diana Watkins notifying the recipient that her payment on a sewing machine was past due. The card was sent from Palestine, TX.
[Postcard from R. Cook to W. A. Morris, June 3, 1880]
Postcard from R. Cook of St. Jo, Texas to W.A. "Bud" Morris of Montague concerning payment in the Frieze case for $5.00 each for him and Hyden, plus $2.50 for a total of $12.50. The postcard mentions that it can be paid by Morris or Levi Perryman to keep someone from staying in jail.
[Postcard from William Dodd to Charles B. Moore]
Postcard from William Dodd to Charles B. Moore. Mr. Dodd gives updates on the news of family and his corn crop.
[Postcard from William Dodd to Mary Ann Moore and Charles B. Moore, November 1, 1882]
Postcard from William Dodd discussing family news.
[Postcard from William Dodd to the Moore Family, September 11, 1888]
This document is from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is a postcard written by William Dodd, Mary Ann Moore's father. Dodd writes to Charles and Mary Ann, or 'Sis' as the family affectionately calls her, informing the Moore's of the goings-on in Gallatin, Tennessee. He details that the family is all well at present and notes that they have received their most current letter. Dodd discusses that they have received a lot of rain and are awaiting a clear day. He states that Dinkie's children are in school and that they have a good teacher, Mr. Griffin. Dodd closes the card by informing the Moore family that Dinkie will write in a few days to continue correspondence with them.
[Postcard: Istanbul Again]
A postcard from Bill Nelson to Mike Anglin discussing his travels around Europe.
[Postcard of a Family to Mary Moore]
Postcard from Mr. and Mrs. [O. J. Bentley] to Mrs. Mary Moore. The photo on the postcard is of a family sitting out in front of their house. The mother is sitting on the steps leading up to the porch with the younger boy in her lap. The older boy is sitting on a brick column with a dog. On the back is a message wishing Mary Moore a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
[Postcard of an Unknown Boy]
Postcard of a young boy riding a donkey. He is wearing overalls, a white long-sleeved shirt, and a cap. Behind him is a small, wooden building. On the back is no correspondence.
[Postcard of N. A. Burton's House]
Postcard of N. A. Burton's house with a child standing at the front of the porch. The house was built in 1910 in McKinney, Texas. It is made of wood and has a covered porch and basement.
[Postcard: Puerto Rico]
A postcard from Bill Nelson to Mike Anglin about Nelson's cruise to Puerto Rico.
[Postcard to Charles B. Moore, June 2, 1899]
This is a document from the Charles B. Moore Collection. In this postcard, Moore is informed of the picnic which has been rescheduled due to the busy harvest season. It details that the picnic will now be held on June 10, 1899 near the Moore family's home.
[Postcard to Claude and Linnet Moore White, December 23, 1913]
Postcard to Linnet and Claude White with Christmas wishes from Claudia. The front of the card has an image of a house covered with snow and holly decorating a fence railing.
[Postcard to Don Baker from Jennifer Parvin]
Postcard from Jennifer Parvin to Don Baker about meeting at the Finding Our Voice documentary premiere.
[Postcard to Linnet Moore White, July 11, 1913]
This is a document from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is a postcard which details to Linnet Moore White that Mr. and Mrs. Fred Humes have had a baby boy on July 10 in Charleston. The card is sent to Linnet by Mrs, Chesebro.
[Postcard to Linnet White, May 8, 1916]
Postcard to Linnet White from an unknown author. The author writes about a visit they made to a friend and people who have visited them. The bottom of the letter is missing.
[Postcard to Linnet White, November 22, 1915]
Postcard to Linnet White from an unknown author about their return home and the writer's plans to teach the next few nights among other small bits of news. The writer says they intend to write a letter when they have the time.
[Postcard to Mary Ann Moore, December 29, 1913]
This is a document from the Charles B. Moore Collection. In this postcard, a family member from Gallatin thanks Mary for her remembrances and the little shoes. She expresses her wish to have them with the family in Gallatin this Christmas, but notes that they are having a good time and hopes the same for Mary and her family. She notes that she will write again soon to Moore and family. (The lower left side of the card is torn off, therefore the sender's name remains unknown as well as the information in those sentences.)
[Texas Human Rights Foundation's Appeal of Baker v. Wade]
An handbill from the Texas Human Rights Foundation advocating for gay and lesbian rights and announcing their support for the appeal of Section 21.06 of the Texas Penal Code. The back of the slip has blank spaces to write contact information to support LGBT rights.
[Undated postcard from M. Dorothy Dodd to Mary Moore]
A postcard from M. Dorothy Dodd in Kansas City, Missouri, to Mary Moore. Dodd writes to say that she left Gallatin and hopes to enjoy the "western atmosphere" in Kansas City. She mentions that all are well in Gallatin, and that "Sister" is recovering from a long illness. The postcard, postmarked September 6, is addressed to Mrs. Mary A. Moore in Fort Worth, Texas, Box 52.
[Vote Mean Green homecoming election announcement, 2008]
Postcard announcing the schedule of events for the University of North Texas homecoming on October 25, 2008.