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[Commissary Report of Johnson County Rangers, January 12, 1861]
Account of items purchased: blankets, comforters, coffee pots, axes, rope, frying pans, tobacco, and other items.
[Envelope for letter to A.D. Kennard]
Envelope for letter to A.D. Kennard
[Envelope for letter to A.D. Kennard]
Envelope for letter to A.D. Kennard with a receipt written on the front.
[Page of homework, undated]
A practice sheet for English. Indicative past and present tenses, subjective past and present tenses,potential past and present present tenses and the indicative past and present again are all on the sheet. Also there is a small receipt at the bottom of the first page.
[Receipt for sale of slave to A. D. Kennard, April 5, 1854]
Receipt for sale of slave by David M. Smith to A.D. Kennard described as a 24 year old male with a badly burned right foot named Harnes.
[Receipt for sale of slave to A. D. Kennard, October 10, 1842]
Receipt for sale of a slave from Thomas Smith to A.D. Kennard. She is described as a 14 year old girl named Adlin.
[Receipt from Daly, Miller, & Co. for Cattle Purchase]
Receipt for A. D. Kennard's purchase of 16 cattle and some hay. A handwritten note at the bottom of the receipt appears to say "We have steady market. Prospects fair. Cable not quite heavy enough."
[Receipt from Pickell and Bros. for A.D. Kennard, 1860]
Receipt for A.D. Kennard's purchases, including ox bells, plug tobacco, a vest, a blanket, a pencil, and a pair of shoes.
[Subscription Receipt, July 10, 1861]
Subscription for Mr. Kennard detailing copper, powder, blankets and other things. The text appears to say "Gran[...] Te[x]t, Jny 10th 1861, A D Kinard To the Subscription of I.Seurl[oc]k & Co., Taken up in the following Articles To Wit..."