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[1992 Primary Election Questionnaires and Information]

Description: A group of documents pertaining to the candidates of the 1992 primary elections. The group includes blank and filled out questionnaires for the candidates, a schedule of when they'll be screened, handwritten notes about some of the candidates, and unspecified diagrams.
Date: January 1992
Creator: Lesbian/Gay Political Coalition of Dallas

Academia Infantil

Description: This article deals with the creation of a soccer youth academy in the city of Dallas. Both the original Spanish article and the English translation are included.
Date: June 13, 2005
Creator: Castillo, José L.

[Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)]

Description: A surveillance report from the Dallas County AIDS Cases tracking the spread of the disease by categorizes of disease, age, cases, and patient groups.
Date: August 1, 1994
Creator: Dallas County AIDS Cases

[Advertisement: Danish Film]

Description: A flyer from The Danish Film Institute promoting one of their upcoming films, "Friends Forever", a Danish coming of age story.
Date: 1987
Creator: The Danish Film Institute

[Advertisement: Exposure]

Description: An advertisement for "Exposure", a film by Michelle Mohabeer set to premiere in June.
Date: 19uu
Creator: Indigo Productions

[Advertisement: National Coming Out Day]

Description: An advertisement listing LGBT individuals from the Dallas community that are publicly coming out in response to National Coming Out Day and encouraging fellow LGBT peoples to do the same.
Date: 19uu
Creator: Among Friends

[Advertisement: National Coming Out Day]

Description: An advertisement for National Coming Out Day, listing individuals who are publicly coming out as members of the LGBT community and encouraging closeted people to do the same.
Date: 19uu
Creator: Among Friends

[Advertisement: The Dallas Collection 1991]

Description: An advertisement from Something New From Out of the Blue promoting the upcoming AIDS benefit fashion show featuring some of the largest names in the design industry.
Date: May 11, 1991
Creator: Something New From Out of the Blue

[AIDS Arms Network]

Description: A document explaining the progress that AIDS care has made and the increased compassion that has come about with time and education.
Date: 19uu

[AIDS Coordinating Committee]

Description: A brief description of the ideas and information Buck Buckingham presented to the AIDS Coordinating Committee to further improve the AIDS ARMS Network.
Date: May 23, 1988
Creator: AIDS Coordinating Committee

[AIDS Resource Center PSA]

Description: Flyer for the AIDS Resource Center advertising services that the organization provides as part of its community outreach and educational programming.
Date: [1983..1988]
Creator: AIDS Resource Center

[Assorted Documents: Confide]

Description: A series of informational packets, fact sheets, photos, and advertisements discussing and promoting Confide, a home HIV test.
Date: 1996
Creator: Direct Access Diagnostics

[Assorted Documents: OraSure]

Description: A series of press releases, charts, and research about HIV/AIDS and the need for simpler and more confidential HIV testing and counseling like the kind of testing that OraSure provides.
Date: 1996
Creator: OraSure


Description: A document discussing the effectiveness of AZT, a drug designed to slow the progression of HIV to AIDS.
Date: February 1993

[Bio: Joyce West]

Description: A brief bio offering the credentials, background, ideologies, and contact information of Joyce West.
Date: 19uu

[Biographical Information: Urvashi Vaid]

Description: A brief description of Urvashi Vaid's work with feminist, and LGBT organizations accompanied by her work and organizing experience.
Date: 19uu
Creator: National Gay & Lesbian Task Force

[Booklet: AIDS and Deafness A Community's Challenge]

Description: A booklet with handwritten notes from the Dallas County Deaf AIDS Task Force offering information about the organization, program, and available assistance for deaf individuals who have HIV/AIDS.
Date: February 1989
Creator: Dallas County Deaf AIDS Task Force