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[Distances Between McKinney, Texas and Nashville, Tennesee]
Handwritten list of distances between McKinney in Collin County, Texas and Nashville, Tennesee. The list details each stopping point with the distance to the city from the previous stop. The total number of miles (710) is given at the end of the list.
[Envelope addressed to Mr. and Mrs. White]
Envelope addressed the Mr. and Mrs. Claude D. White. Mrs. White is Linnet Moore, the daughter of C. B. and Mary Moore. The post mark is from Nashville, Tennessee.
[Envelope, May 13, 1890]
This document is from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is an envelop sent for an unknown writer. The envelope is Addressed to Charles B. Moore who was located in Melissa, Texas. The postal stamp is from Nashville, Tennessee and it is dated May 13, 1890. The back of the envelop has a post marked stamp from Melissa, Texas with no date.
[Jewlers' Business Card]
A fragment of a business card from the C. B. Moore Collection. Text says "[...]arbox & Bro., [Je]welers, [...]49 Union Street, Nashville."
[Land sale handbill, undated]
Land sale handbill for real estate located in Hickman, Lewis and Perry Counties, Tennessee.
[Letter from Charles B. Moore to William Dodd, September 10,1889]
This postcard is from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Charles to William Dodd in Gallatin, Tennessee. Moore is writing from a hotel in Nashville. He details what the family has been doing in Nashville and who they have seen during their stay. He mentions that he has not been able to sleep and decided to write the family cards to give them an update on the Moore family's goings-on.
[List of expenses for trip, June 27-29, 1865]
A list of expenses for a trip from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It includes tickets and fees, as well as daily traveling expenses. The dates of the listed expenses are from June 27 to June 29.
[Personal notes, July 17]
The following document includes personal notes from the Charles B. Moore Collection. The notes detail agriculture and travel to Tennessee. Moore lists travel expenses on the back of the page. The document is dated July 17 in an unspecified year.
[Personal notes, undated]
The following document includes personal notes from the Charles B. Moore Collection. The notes detail a visit to family and friends in Tennessee. The document goes on to discuss the President of Oak Cliff school, a representative from the Houston Post, and agriculture. It mentions that it rained much of the time during a trip to Memphis from Nashville. The document is undated.
[Receipt from T. W. and W. H. Evans to Charles Moore, September 8, 1852]
Receipt from T. W. and W. H. Evans Dealers in dry goods, hardware, boots and shoes, hats and caps, etc. for $27.00 worth of cloth.
[Wedding announcement for Mary Clara Compton and Harvey Edwin Crawford, June 10, 1909]
A wedding announcement for the marriage of Mary Clara Compton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Compton, to Mr. Harvey Edwin Crawford. The wedding was to take place on Thursday, June 10, 1909 in Nashville, Tennessee. There are two copies of this item included.