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[Bill from Wise Memorial Hospital to Claude D. White]
Bill for Mrs. Moore at Wise Memorial Hospital. For 12 days at the hospital and a nurse fee. It says Paid in full at the bottom, but is ripped.
[Bill paid by Claude D. White]
Bill paid by Claude D. White.
[Envelope addressed to Claude D. White]
Envelope addressed to Claude D. White, Omaha, Nebraska, from the Melissa State Bank. Calculations have been made in pencil on the back of the envelope.
[Envelope, February 1, 1910]
Envelope from the Nebraska Telephone Company addressed to C. D. White. The envelope is dated February 1, 1910.
[Envelope for invitation, May 26, 1909]
Envelope for invitation from Mr. and Mrs. William A. Shaw for Mr. and Mrs. Claude White, postmarked in Dallas, Texas.
[Envelope for Mary Moore, June 5, 1911]
Envelope for Mary Moore.
[Envelope to Claude D. White, April 19, c.1910s]
Envelope to Claude D. White
[Invitation from Mr. and Mrs. William A. Shaw for Mr. and Mrs. Claude White, May 26, 1909]
Invitation from William A. Shaw to Claude and Linnet White. The invitation is for the wedding of their daughter Irene to Mr. Charles Clinton Jones. The wedding is set for June 10, 1909 in Dallas, Texas.
[Memo from Geo. P. Bemis to J. A. Frye, July 20, 1907]
This is a document from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is a memo from Geo P. Bemis to J. A. Frye discusiing the real estate paper of Lot 10, block one,Madison Square. The documentation that accompanied the memo to Frye included: A Warranty deed from Florence Company to Elizabeth Tuttle, mortgage papers from Elizabeth Tuttle and Peter M. Tuttle to the Conservative S. & L. Association, tax judgement sale receipts from county treasurer in the amount of $11.50, and a receipt from the Conservative S. & L. Association for $900.00 which was dated April 9, 1906. Bemis states that the documentation merits the mortgage cancelled and marked paid.
[Notice from the City of Omaha, Nebraska, November 19, 1910]
Notice from the office of the Inspector of Buildings in Omaha, Nebraska to Claude D. White. Mr. White is notified that he has violated Ordinance No. 4858 and is requested to call the inspector's office.
[Telegram from A. P. Condon to Claude D. White, April 3, 1917]
Telegram to Claude D. White from A. P. Condon. He wrote to reassure Claude about his wife's upcoming operation and to let him know that he would be looking after her personally.