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[Envelope Fragment, February 1862]

Description: Envelope fragment dated February 8, 1862 and February 9, 1862. Much of the envelope is missing. It appears to be addressed to ______ Moore or ______ Wallace, perhaps at Rocky Bayou, Arkansas.
Date: February 1862

[Envelope from Elvira D. Moore and Lucinda Wallace to Mr. Jo or Charles B. Moore, March 9,1862]

Description: Envelope from Elvira D. Moore and Lucinda Wallace addressed to Mr. Jo [?] or Charles B. Moore at Rocky Bayou, Arkansas. It is postmarked Shelbyville, Tennessee, March 11th, and the date Mar. 9, 1862 is written in blue ink. According to the note written in the bottom left corner, the letter was received on March 25, 1862. There are some numbers written in pencil on the back.
Date: March 9, 1862
Creator: Moore, Elvira D. & Wallace, Lucinda

[Envelope from Ziza Moore and Family to Charles B. Moore, October 1, 1861]

Description: Envelope addressed to C. B. Moore, Rocky Bayou, Izzard County, Arkansas. According to the written note at the bottom left corner, it is from Ziza Moore and family and was received on October 15, 1861. It is postmarked Unionville, Tennessee, October 3rd, but the date October 1, 1861 is written in blue ink. the back of the envelope has been torn off.
Date: October 1, 1861
Creator: Moore, Ziza