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[Announcement for press conference at Austin, Texas]
A document announcing a press conference at the State Capitol Building in Austin, Texas pertaining to Baker v. Wade final verdict.
[Envelope for Linnet Moore, June 1901]
Envelope for Linnet Moore.
[Notes on the Texas Gay Rodeo contestants]
A document pertaining to the rodeo contestants at the Texas Gay Rodeo Association competition.
["November 22, 1963" by Sarah T. Hughes, with Lyndon B. Johnson first day of issue cover]
Typescript by United States District Judge Sarah T. Hughes recounting her experiences on November 22, 1963, following President John F. Kennedy's assassination in Dallas. Judge Hughes describes the scene aboard Air Force One at Love Field as she administered the presidential oath of office to Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. She concludes by expressing her confidence in President Johnson's character and his ability to lead the country in the aftermath of the assassination. In addition to Judge Hughes's narrative, the first page of the typescript serves as a first day of issue cover of a United States postage stamp featuring Lyndon B. Johnson, first authorized for use on August 27, 1973. The postal frank on the first page, below the stamp, reads "AUSTIN, AUG. 27, 1973, TX" and "FIRST DAY OF ISSUE".
[Press Release: Log Cabin-Texas lauds Romer decision]
A press release from the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas commenting on the Romer v. Evans court case and its significance towards the Republican Party members.
[Press Release: THRF elects Dick Peeples as new president]
Documents from the Texas Human Rights Foundation announcing Dick Peeples as the new president of the board.
[Receipt from Stepen H. Darden to Levi Perryman, June 27, 1876]
Receipt from Stephen H. Darden, State Comptroller, to Levi Perryman totalling $962.95 for various comptroller's drafts and fees in felony cases.
[Receipt from Stephen H. Darden to Levi Perryman, January 10, 1879]
Receipt from Stephen Heard Darden to Levi Perryman, sheriff and tax collector, for $591.18.
[Receipt of Levi Perryman, April 14,1879]
Received of Levi Perryman the amount of $328.
[Receipt of Levi Perryman, February 11, 1880]
Received of Levi Perryman $4.00 for a bill.
[Receipt of Levi Perryman, February 17, 1880]
Received of Levi Perryman $11.00 for a bill.
[Receipt of Levi Perryman, Februrary 7,1879]
Receipt for a registered letter to Stephen, Darden, C?. Signed by M.E. Sloan.
[Receipt of Levi Perryman, January 21, 1879]
Received of Levi Perryman $2,483.10, for various costs like School Certificate, fees and executing Death Warrant. The return of these fees some are for court minutes and others showed to be a kind of theft.
[Receipt of Levi Perryman, July 16, 1880]
Received of Levi Perryman through W. A. Morris the sum of $20.65for cost at the Court of Appeals and for the execution issued in case No. 1142.
[Receipt of Levi Perryman, June 23, 1879]
Received of Levi Perryman through W. A. Morris the sum of $21.75 for the costs of execution in case No. 1086.
[Receipt of Levi Perryman, March 1879]
Received of Levi Perryman through W. A. Morris $14.70 for the execution issued of the Supreme Court of Texas at Austin. Regarding Case No. 3577.
[Receipt of W. A. Morris, March 18, 1879]
Receipt for a Registered Letter, addressed to Tho. J. Neavitt.
[Tim Brown phone call]
A document from Tim Brown highlighting facts on a loan made by the March on Austin Committee.