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[Anouncement for the 10th International Conference on AIDS]

Description: Announcement for the 10th International Conference on Aids held in Yokohama, Japan. This conference marked the "first time that researchers, public health officials, service providers and activists" would gather in an Asian nation for the Conference.
Date: April 21, 1994

[Card: From Jean to Mike]

Description: A card from Jean Nelson to Mike thanking him for the breakfast and tour of his home.
Date: August 11, 1989
Creator: Nelson, Jean

[Charles Moore Letter Book]

Description: A ledger containing records of Charles Moore's mail. Includes dates sent and received, whether or not a letter was read, where it was read, where it was mailed and to whom.
Date: January 1865
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[Condolences: Bill Hobby]

Description: A letter from Texas Lieutenant Governor, William P. Hobby, sending his condolences to Jean Nelson after the death of her son.
Date: February 22, 1990
Creator: Hobby, William P.

[Confidential Letter: Maison to Martin]

Description: A confidential letter from Don Maison, from the AIDS Services of Dallas, to Jack Martin from the Texas Board of Law Examiners.
Date: July 14, 1994
Creator: AIDS Services of Dallas

[Copy of letter: March on Austin to Gilbert Casillas]

Description: Xerographic of a letter from the treasurer of March on Austin committee and Gilbert Casillas calling him to appear for a membership meeting to resolve financial discrepancies.
Date: August 1, 1991
Creator: March on Austin

[Correspondence, undated]

Description: This is a correspondence from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Charles B. Moore. The document includes a detailed genealogical account of the Wallace family history. The account includes family member's names and additional information about each member named in the correspondence.
Date: unknown

[Draft of letter, 1891]

Description: This is a draft from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Charles B. Moore when he was 68 years old and addressed to the Courier Journal. In this letter, Moore discusses the Annie Laura story printed in the Rockbridge County News and provides the journal with 100 year old verses written about her by Robert Burns. It is dated 1891 in an unspecified month and day. The document is damaged along the edges and some words are missing due to the damage.
Date: 1891
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[Draft of letter, April 19, 1891]

Description: This is a draft from the personal papers of the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Moore on April 19, 1891. In this letter, Moore writes about an article written in the Dallas Weekly News on April 16 by D. B. Kiefer. The article details a "norther" that struck Texas in April of 1857. He states in this document that he writes to corroborate stories with the journalist, provide his experience through the "norther," and make a correction on the date given in Kiefer's article. The third and fourth page of this document includes genealogical accounts of Moore's descendants. He details the Wallace family and the history of some of the Wallace men who were part of an expedition sent on a charge to the Creek nation.
Date: April 19, 1891
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[Drafted letter: Ed Oakley to Bob Sloan]

Description: Drafted letter from Ed Oakley to Bob Sloan, Dallas City Secretary, about the lack of an Early Voting Location in Oak Lawn. Includes handwritten notes.
Date: March 4, 1993