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[Copy of handwritten notes: Interview with Alan Ross]
Xerographic of handwritten notes written during an interview with Alan Ross.
[Dedication: A Living Tribute]
Text of the dedication for A Living Tribute project.
[Draft: A Living Tribute - 2 year objectives draft]
Draft of the objectives for A Living Tribute project.
[Draft: A Living Tribute objectives - 2 year program]
A list of objectives for A Living Tribute project for the beautification of Lee Park.
[Handwritten Notes and Letter: Parks and Recreation Board]
A letter and handwritten notes concerning the reservation of a room and a Dallas Parks and Recreation board event.
[Letter: From Kenneth W. Green Jr. to Frank Wise]
A letter from Kenneth W. Green Jr. to Frank Wise, Dallas Parks Director, to voice his support for the event the Dallas Tavern Guild will be hosting in Lee Park.
[Letter: From Robert E. Hensley to Frank Wise]
A letter from Robert E. Hensley, at the AIDS Interfaith Network, to Frank Wise, Dallas Parks Director, offering his support of the proposed AIDS Memorial project for Robert E. Lee Park.
[Letter: Living Tribute Project - Lee Park]
A letter from Alan Ross, at the Dallas Tavern Guild, to councilwoman Lori Palmer and councilman Glenn Box addressing the controversy surrounding the AIDS tribute the organization is seeking to place in Lee Park.
[Letter: Phil Johnson to Mr. Wise]
A letter from Phil Johnson to Frank Wise offering support of the AIDS Memorial, A Living Tribute, that will be hosted by the Dallas Tavern Guild.
[A living tribute in Lee Park
A group of documents pertaining to the committees involved with the remodeling of the Robert E. Lee park purposely excluding the gay and lesbian community and prevented the addition of an AIDS memorial plaque to the park.
Living Tribute/PWA Gift Project: Contributor's List
A list of contributor's toward A Living Tribute project.
[Notes: Interview with Alan Ross]
Notes from an interview with Alan Ross about the progress of A Living Tribute project.
[Press release: A Living Tribute in Lee Park]
Press release announcing a news conference about a Living Tribute in honor of AIDS victims in Lee Park.
[Text: A Living Tribute dedication text and list of names]
Text of the dedication of A Living Tribute and the names of the AIDS victims to whom the project is dedicated.