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[Col. Magarethe Cammermeyer]
Documents with testimonials of discrimination gay and lesbian military personnel experience during their time serving the military. Testimonials include Col. Margarthe Cammermeyer and Amy Stepheson, who were both discharged from the military for their sexual orientation.
[Copy of fax cover sheet from Tammy Nash to Sheryl Hutchison]
Xerographic of a fax sheet cover from Tammy Nash to Sheryl Hutchison of the Washington Governor's office.
[Copy of handwritten note: Gov Booth Gardner]
Xerographic of a handwritten note from an interview with Gov Booth Gardner.
[Copy of newspaper clipping: A Sad Bush Seeks Solace in the Sun]
A copy of a newspaper clipping from the New York Times discussing President George Bush taking a Florida vacation to cope with depression arisen from not being reelected. On page two is a piece of an article about a gay church being rejected by the National Council of Churches.
[Handwritten notes: Creating Change Conference]
Handwritten notes listing organizations, people, and the contact information of those who will be in attendance of the Creating Change Conference.
[Handwritten notes: Governor Booth Gardner]
Handwritten notes discussing Governor Booth Gardner's deep disappointment with the Department of Defense over the dismissal of a woman because of her lifestyle choices.
[Handwritten notes: Jim Miner]
Research notes from an interview with Jim Miner, lieutenant colonel in transportation corps, discussing the ban on LGBT participation in the armed forces and the sexual misconduct and aggression towards LGBT as a result of the ban.
[News release: Secretary of Army discharges lesbian colonel despite objection by National Guard]
A news release from the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Inc. about Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer being dismissed after 26 years of service with the National Guard because of her sexual orientation.
[Newspaper clipping: Pentagon fires lesbian colonel]
A newspaper clipping from the Associated Press discussing the dismissal of decorated Vietnam veteran and National Guard colonel, Greta Cammermeyer, because of her sexuality.
[Notes: Conversation with Martin Heraga]
Notes from an interview with Martin Heraga discussing the military ban on homosexuals.
[Notes: Interviews with homosexuals discharged from the military]
Quotes and notes from interviews with various military personnel who were discharged from military positions because of their homosexuality.
[Press release: "Hypocritical and repugnant"]
A press release from the National Gay Rights Advocates discussing the Defense Department announcing that they would temporarily lift the ban on LGBT armed force members if war broke loose in the Persian Gulf.
[Press Release: Lawsuit to be filed by Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer]
A press release announcing a lawsuit to be filed by Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer for discharging her from the military based on her sexual orientation.
[Press release: Lawsuit to be filed by Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer]
Press release from Lambda Legend Defense and Education Fund, Inc., announcing the discharge of Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer because of her homosexuality and her upcoming announcement to file a lawsuit against the policy.
[Research notes: Bill Rubenstein]
Research notes from an interview with Bill Rubenstein about the necessity to rescind the ban on LGBT participation in the armed forces.
[Research notes: J.B. Collier]
Research notes from an interview with J.B. Collier, HRCF staffer working on military issues, discussing LGBT being banned from the armed forces and the need for the overturning of the statute.
[Research notes: Mary Newcombe]
Research notes from an interview with Mary Necombe discussing sexual misconduct within the armed forces and the dangers and ethical implications of banning LGBT from military service.
[Statement by Gov. Booth Gardner on the dismissal of Colonel Cammermeyer
Documents that contain a statement from Governor Booth Gardner apologizing on behalf of the State of Washintong for Colonel Cammermeyer's discharge.