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[Letter from Laura Jernigan to H. Moore, March 5, 1888]

Description: She mentions that it is still raining and they can't do much work because of it. She is writing, but has nothing to say other than mentioning the weather. George Turner left and got as far as Cannon. George's wife was concerned he hadn't come home all day. The Colonel has sore eyes, but everyone else is doing fine. She has plenty of eggs and beef, but is running out of flour. One of her milk cows gave birth and the calf is doing well. She will be short on milk because of the calf. Phippen received the problems and is working on on them. She wants to play a trick on C.B. Moore about her twin calves. The Colonel was helping Phippen on the problems. Colonel asks a way to get the answers for the problems. Ben Shirley has been sick, thus neglecting his cattle. She tells him what has been happening to Old Man Smith. She talks about getting Jim new clothes. They might not have a school teacher for the spring. She has not heard about her relatives in Tennessee and can't wait to hear from him again.
Date: March 5, 1888
Creator: Jernigan, Laura

[Letter from Laura Jernigan to Henry Moore, March 27. 1887

Description: Letter from Laura Jernigan discusses how well her garden is doing and talks about her children going to the new schoolhouse in Cannon. The family is boarding the teacher and they are getting along well. There is a new jail in town. The town has a new paper, the Educational Journal, and the debate and literary society recently debated the subject of how prohibition would benefit the state of Texas. Includes original envelope.
Date: March 27, 1887
Creator: Jernigan, Laura

[Letter from Laura Jernigan to Henry Moore, September 26. 1887]

Description: Letter from Laura Jernigan to Henry Moore talks about family news, and work that is done around their farm. Mentions how well some of the cousins and how much "flesh" they have gained. Apparently she doesn't like Texas. She says that even though Texas is, "a nasty filthy hateful" place it agrees with some. Includes original envelope.
Date: September 26, 1887
Creator: Jernigan, Laura

[Letter from Laura Jernigan to Mary Ann and Charles B. Moore, August 30, 1885]

Description: This letter is from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Laura Jernigan, who was cousin to Charles. In her letter, Jernigan states that she has not kept up correspondence with Charles and Mary due to her daily chores, but also because she was ill for a month with a cough that wouldn't go away. She notes that she is ill again with a cold, though she has no cough this time. She updates Charles on family who have visited her and details that her and the children will be traveling to Sherman next week to visit the Wallace's if all goes according to plan. This trip to Sherman will be her first in seven years. Jernigan points out the the Moore family must be having a wonderful time in Gallatin, Tennessee. She expresses her happiness for Mary who was able to visit her family, but who was also able to see her home state. She fears that she will never see Tennessee again. She informs Charles of the rainy weather they have had and notes that even though the rain was much needed, the mud was certainly not. She states that she has received a letter from Cousin Lizzie who kept her posted on the health and news concerning family friends. She passed this news on to Charles in the letter. She asks Charles to write and tell her about the crops in Tennessee. She mentions that Lizzie still talks about the trip she took to see Linnet and has fond memories of the time they spent together. She hopes that Charles will not be upset with her for not keeping up correspondence and explains that this is the second letter she has written in a long time. Jernigan mentions that she was too tired to search ...
Date: August 30, 1885
Creator: Jernigan, Laura

[Receipts of Levi Perryman, November 16, 1880]

Description: Received of Levi Perryman the following court papers, execution issued from County Court of Grayson County in Case No. 881, with the cost of $250.38. Execution issued out of the County Court of Grayson County in Case No. 885, with the cost of $410.69. Execution issued out of the District Court of Lampasas County in Case No. 380, with the cost of $928.25. Execution issued out of the District Court of Cook County in case No. 1038, with the cost of $1029.65. Also a Bill of Cost issued out of the County Court of Grayson County in Case No. 53, with cost of $51.25.
Date: November 16, 1880
Creator: Campbell, G. W.