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[Letter from Austin A, Yates, April 12, 1865]
Letter from Austin A. Yates to the Colonel commanding the 1st N. Y. Vet. Cavl. which certifies the following men as Privates in the 1st Company N. Y. Vet. Cavalry: James A. Wilkie, Theron King, Myron H. Densmore, Benjamin F. Carpenter, and John D. Humphrey. These men were certified as privates by Capt. Capt. S. M. Harmon and received bounties for their promotions. The bounties were: advanced pay in the sum of $13.00, a premium on the sum of $2.00, and a bounty in the sum of $60.00. Hamilton K. Redway is listed with the promoted soldier's signatures.
[Letter from H. K. Kennedy, July 11, 1865]
Kennedy would like to visit Charleston WV on private business. On back J. W. Rife grants permission.
[Letter from Hamilton K. Redway to Loriette C. Redway, October 20, 1864]
Letter from Hamilton K. Redway to Loriette C. Redway that discusses his company which was moved 10 miles up the Kanawha river to Camp Piatt, a camp near Charleston, West Virginia. Redway also discusses the possibility of his wife visiting him at the camp, letters he has received from family, and how his absence affects the company of the 101 men he leads. He tells Loriette to let his children know that he is proud of their improvements in school and that he is anxious to see their lessons firsthand when he visits. He sends his love to family and friends in the letter's closing. This letter was written while Redway was stationed at Camp Piatt in West Virginia. It is dated October 20, 1864.
[Letter from Hamilton K. Redway to Loriette C. Redway, September 21, 1864]
Letter from Hamilton K. Redway to Loriette C. Redway which discusses the regiment's move to Camp Piatt in West Virginia. Redway describes the terrain and mentions that the camp is close to the Kanawha river as well as to Charleston. He also discusses a possible visit by Loriette to the camp, but he details that he does not know if they will remain there for the winter. Redway notes the he is not sure he will be able to get a leave of absence and that he has not yet been paid. He sends his love to Loriette and his children in the letter's closing. He asks her to write him at Camp Piatt and gives her the address. The letter is dated September 21, 1864.
[Letter from J. B. Stonehouse to Captain Hamilton K. Redway, January 25, 1865]
Letter from J. B. Stonehouse to Captain Hamilton C. Redway stating that he was sending a certified copy of the enlistment papers of Robert Way enlisted at Dunkirk July 8, 1864. The name of Charles Brown cannot be found the books of the Provost Marshal at Buffalo.