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[Affidavit, April 27, 1908]

Description: Affidavit stating that Bob Perryman, who made Desert Entry No. 1354 at Roswell New Mexico Land Office on January 2, 1904 is dead. He was unmarried, his mother was dead at the time of his death and his only heirs are his father, Levi Perryman, his brother Elbert W. Perryman, his half brother P.M. Price, and his sisters Kate Caddel and Linnie Stalworth. It was notarized by S.H. Hoskins. An additional small sheet was notarized by J.M. Bowers.
Date: April 27, 1908
Creator: Hoskins, S. H.
Item Type: Legal Document

[Assignment of mortgage, March 28, 1908]

Description: Assignment of $500.00 mortgage for half interest in lots 3 and 4 in Hagerman, New Mexico from Bob Perryman to Levi Perryman. Mortgage payable to W.T. Holliway by April 1, 1908.
Date: March 28, 1908
Creator: Gayle, F. P.
Item Type: Legal Document

[Letter from Emmett Patton to Levi Perryman, February 4,1909]

Description: Letter from Patton to Perryman regarding family health. He also mentions the state of the script for Bob. Wetmore is trying to get things settled for Patton, but Patton will see Wetmore again to push for action on it. Then he mentions costs of the land and costs of his services.
Date: February 4, 1909
Creator: Patton, Emmett
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Emmett Patton to Levi Perryman, September 20, 1908]

Description: Letter from Emmett Patton to Levi Perryman regarding Bob Perryman's application to file script on 80 acres. Patton says he will try and find out who Bob bought the script from and try and get a new one. He also asks if Perryman knows who Bob bought the first script from.
Date: September 20, 1908
Creator: Patton, Emmett
Item Type: Letter