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[Letter from A. A. Glisson to Claude D. White, September 23, 1908]

Description: Letter from A. A. Glisson of the Fort Worth & Denver City Railway Company to Claude D. White discussing rates and routes for Mr. White to travel to Blair, Oklahoma. The letter is typed on the company's letterhead, and there is a graph on the left side of the page titled "Profile of Fort Worth & Denver City and Colorado & Southern Railways, Showing Altitudes attained enroute from Texas to Colorado." A map of the Denver Road printed on the back. There is an envelope addressed to Mr. C. D. White in McKinney. There is postmark on the back for McKinney, Texas, September 25, 1908.
Date: September 23, 1908
Creator: Glisson, A. A.

[Letter from Birdie McGee McKinley to Linnet Moore White, May 26, 1911]

Description: Letter from Birdie McKinley to Linnet White. She mentions they are all doing well and how busy she has been. She mentions the weather and says she thought something bad had happened since she hadn't heard from them. She wishes she could be helpful to them. She mentions Minnie should be by soon. She went to a college entertainments. She talks about Frank. She asks about Ruth. Mr. Dave Barry got shot along with his cook. Bessie asked about them. She is glad they have good friends and tells Aunt M that she will be well again. She asks that they write to her because she is worried.
Date: May 26, 1911
Creator: McKinley, Birdie

[Letter from C. B. Moore to Mary Moore, September 16, 1898]

Description: He received their letter just in time. He mentions that they have been well and he feels bad for imposing on them. He is very grateful because he feels better. He wrote Will and Linnet wrote Birdie. He mentions how much it is for them to stay there. He will send a paper to Doug. He went to the train depot looking for Texans. Linnet wants to go sight seeing, she went to Colorado Springs. He mentions that his family has been gone the whole time he is visiting. He met a couple of people from Texas at the depot and a man from Tennessee. He feels bad for their hardship. He comments on how Linnet is doing on the trip. He mentions how different the women are, they ride broncos and smoke.
Date: September 16, 1898
Creator: Moore, C. B.

[Letter from Claude D. White to Linnet and Ruth White, August 26, 1917]

Description: Letter to Linnet and Ruth White from Claude D. White. He writes to let Linnet know that he misses them and to inform her of what has been happening in her absence, including the people he has seen around town and a letter he received that was addressed to Linnet.
Date: August 26, 1917
Creator: White, Claude D.

[Letter from Dubbie to Linnet White, August 11, 1917]

Description: Letter from Dubbie to Linnet White. The letter is addressed to 'Dubbies' while the envelope says to 'Mrs. Claude D. White.' The author's stationary comes from L. B. Price Mercantile Company and he writes to let Linnet know his travel plans and that he expects to see her in Pueblo soon.
Date: August 11, 1917

[Letter from H. S. Moore, September 8, 1893]

Description: He met a funeral train of African Americans. Someone was searching for work in Fort Worth, but failed. He hasn't received any news from Clarence. Dr. Rucker wants a long letter from them about Tennessee. He wants to be released from the Post Office because a successor has not been appointed for C. M. R.
Date: September 8, 1893
Creator: Moore, H. S.

[Letter from Henry S. Moore to Charles B. Moore, October 27, 1844]

Description: Letter from Henry S. Moore to Charles B. Moore regarding political meetings Henry attended for the upcoming presidential election and his opinion about presidential candidate Polk's prospects. He wrote about local news involving marriage, illness, and weather and a song he heard at one of the meetings.
Date: October 27, 1844
Creator: Moore, Henry S.

[Letter from Jennie Van to Linnet White]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Jennie Van to Linnet White. In this letter, Van informs White of the goings-on in her area. The news includes: a discussion about Van and her family's trip back from Estes Park, details on how glorious the trip was, a dialogue about finding many letters to reply to once she returned, an aside about Mrs. Patton who traveled with them to Estes Park, a discussion about her husband leaving for a fishing trip early in the morning and details on what he left for her and the kids to entertain themselves with, a dialogue about wishing Linnet, Ruth, and Claude were with them, news about an available boarding house, details about the monthly rent of the boarding house, and a discussion about going on an outing with H. B. and the kids. Van sends her love to the White family and states that she will soon see them all. The envelope is included with the letter.
Date: unknown
Creator: Van, Jennie

[Letter from Julia Vernon to Linnet White and Family, June 24, 1917]

Description: Letter from Julia [Vernon] to Linnet White and family discussing Linnet's upcoming visit and her and Ruth's recent illness. She also mentions that she attended Neal Marks' funeral. There is an envelope addressed to Mrs. C. D. White in Fort Worth, Texas. It is postmarked McKinney, Texas June 25, 1917.
Date: June 24, 1917

[Letter from Lew to Mr. Byrd Williams - November 6, 1955]

Description: Letter from "Lew" at Stewart Studios in Bay City, Texas to Byrd Williams of Fort Worth, requesting that Williams share tips about his customer service practices in his photography career, from which Lew intends to write an article.
Date: November 6, 1955
Creator: Stewart, Lew

[Letter from Linnet and Ruth White to Claude D. White, August 4, 1917]

Description: Letter from Linnet and Ruth White to Claude D. White. Ruth's letter to her father included a picture that she drew of herself and a man in uniform in front of mountains. Linnet discusses a side trip she plans to take, a visit to Washington Park, and she tells him that she will be heading to Manitou next. There is an envelope addressed to Mr. Claude D. White in Fort Worth, Texas. The envelope is from The Shirley in Denver Colorado. It is postmarked August 5, 1917.
Date: August 4, 1917
Creator: White, Linnet

[Letter from Linnet White to Claude D. White, August 1917]

Description: Letter from Linnet White to her husband, Claude D. White discussing the events of her trip to Colorado. She writes that they went to a museum, which Ruth enjoyed, and that she is sick again. There is an envelope addressed to Mr. C. D. White in Fort Worth, Texas. The envelope is from The Shirley Hotel in Denver, Colorado, and there is a graphic of the hotel on it.
Date: August 1917
Creator: White, Linnet

[Letter from Linnet White to Claude D. White, August 1917]

Description: Letter from Linnet White to Claude D. White, whom she addresses as "My dear Dubbie." Linnet and Ruth are in Manitou, Colorado, and she writes that the she feels much better, and that she likes Manitou better than Denver. A friend named Marcellus is staying at the same hotel and is paying for all of their meals. She is also looking forward to Claude joining them in Colorado soon. There is an envelope addressed to Mr. Claude D. White in Fort Worth, Texas. It is postmarked Colorado Springs, Colorado August 6, 1917.
Date: August 1917
Creator: White, Linnet

[Letter from Lyle A. Stephenson to Claude D. White, March 27, 1914]

Description: Letter from Lyle A. Stephenson in Kansas City, Missouri to Claude D. White discussing the cancellation of Mr. White's accident insurance policy and the possibility of taking out a life insurance policy. The letter is typed on Mr. Stephenson's company stationary. There is an illustration of a sign post with the following printed on it: "Insurance Service That Serves; Lyle A. Stephenson The Insurer; Don't Forget Tenth St. Entrance R. A. Long Bldg." The phone number and address are printed at the bottom. There is an envelope with Mr. Stephenson's company information printed on it in red, and it is addressed to Mr. Claude D. White in Fort Worth, Texas.
Date: March 27, 1914
Creator: Stephenson, Lyle A.

[Letter from Travis Winham to C. B. Moore, September 25, 1882]

Description: Travis left Sherman with Miss Dora and dropped her off with her family. He took the train to visit Bettie Emerson, who was in Eurkea Springs, Arkansas. He is amazed at how big Fort Worth is. He met up with Charley Moore, whose family was in town. He was very thankful for Charley being kind and courteous. He then went to Dallas and between Fort Worth and Dallas he believes that Dallas will be The City in north east Texas. While waiting at the depot he met George Wilson. Mr Hubbard arrived with Debra Collins and Jack's daughters entertained her. Travis thinks Jack is lucky with his family. He met Uncle Sam Moore and all of his children. He called on Bettie Henry several times. He did not see much of Tom Benton. He thanks Charles and Henry Moore and George Wilson, for their hospitality. He hopes to send love to everyone and thanks for the wonderful time he had.
Date: September 25, 1882
Creator: Winham, Travis

[Letter from W. J. and Birdie McKinley to Mrs. Moore, Claude and Linnet White, and Wilie, March 19, 1914]

Description: Letter from Birdie McKinley to Mrs. Moore, Claude and Linnet White, and Wilie. talks about the weather and how everyone is doing. He wants to send Birdie to visit them since they aren't coming to Tennessee. He says that a lot has happened recently, the National Bank got robbed. He hopes they like Fort Worth. He talks about the baby Mary Louise. He bought something by the head rather than by the pound, and hopes to make some money off of it. He asks about Ruth and Frank asks about her too. He took pictures of Lillian and he will send some pictures and one of the cabin they were going to stay in. Birdie hopes they are settled into their new house in Fort Worth. She says they are all doing well. She talks about her baby and how Frank adores her. She also mentions the bank being robbed. If the fire hadn't been put out they would not have known the bank was robbed. She says she is slower at sewing, but the children do take up a lot of her time. Especially Harry who has been sick all winter. She gives news on everyone and hopes they will come visit during the summer. She is sending pictures they took with a rented Kodak two weeks ago.
Date: March 19, 1914
Creator: McKinley, W. J. & McKinley, Birdie

[Letter to Linnet White, August 6, 1917]

Description: Letter to Linnet White, addressed as "My dear Dubbie," discussing Linnet's health, and the writer's plans to meet her in the following week. It is signed "Lovingly, Dubbie." "L. B. Price Merc. Co." is printed on the back of the paper. There is an envelope addressed to Mrs. Claude D. White in Denver. Denver has been crossed out, and Manitou was written underneath. The return address is P.O. Box 1096, Fort Worth, Texas. It is postmarked Fort Worth, Texas August 6, 1917.
Date: August 6, 1917