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[Aerial Photograph of the North Texas State College Campus]

Description: Aerial photograph of the North Texas State College campus from the corner of Hickory and Avenue A, in 1952. The university's original football field is on the left side of the photo. The Administration building (now the Auditorium) is the large building in the foreground.
Date: 1952
Item Type: Photograph

[Architect's Rendering of Fouts Field]

Description: Architect's rendering of Fouts Field. The text "Wilson B. Pattinson Architects, Fort Worth, Texas" is printed on the bottom of the page. The rendering shows an aerial view of the stadium, as well as the accompanying parking lot, and spectators walking into the structure.
Date: 1952~
Item Type: Photograph

[Asian Display Case]

Description: Photograph of the Asian display case in the Historical Collection on the North Texas campus in Denton. There are three shelves in the picture, and many artifacts can be seen. These include a plate, vase, boat, and others.
Date: September 1952
Item Type: Photograph

[Billy Maxwell, Golfer]

Description: Photograph of Billy Maxwell, a student golfer preparing to hit a ball. Other students can be seen in the background. This photograph was featured on page 181 of the 1953 Yucca.
Date: 1952
Item Type: Photograph

Bulletin of North Texas State College: Number 231

Description: Number 231 of the monthly bulletin produced by North Texas State Teachers College providing information about schools and colleges on campus including their history, programs, and course offerings. This issue discusses the School of Business Administration.
Date: January 1952
Creator: North Texas State College. School of Business Administration.
Item Type: Pamphlet