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[Alumni Football Game Between North Texas and San Jose in 1954]

Description: Photograph of a group posing at the 1954 football game next to a black vehicle on the football field. There are four individuals in the image, two men wearing football uniforms jersey numbers 88 and 99 leaning next to the vehicle. One man is sitting on the drivers side of the vehicle, and a woman sitting on top of the back holding flowers. Behind the group the football fans are visible on the bleachers.
Date: October 1954

[Olive Honeycutt, Holford Russell, and Dorothy Babb]

Description: Photograph of Dorothy Babb (right) with Miss Olive Honeycutt (left) and Holford Russell (center), with a few of the gifts donated for Old Maid’s Day. A group of women in Denton started Old Maid’s Day in 1950 to get “recognition, not menfolks.” It all began when Miss Dorothy Babb, a Latin and English teacher at North Texas State College.
Date: May 1954

[Photograph of Dorothy Babb, 2]

Description: Photograph ofDorothy Babb, a faculty member of the North Texas State College who taught English and Latin. In the photograph Babb is seated in a chair with her ankles crossed as she is opening a present in her lap. Babb is seen looking up when the photograph was taken.
Date: 1954