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[1972-1973 NTSU basketball team]

Description: Photograph of the 1972-1973 North Texas State University basketball team, standing in two rows in front of the gym bleachers. The front row players are, from left to right: Randy Felhaber, Bill Ethridge, Bobby Iverson, Tony Wright, and Earl King. The standing back row of players are: Bill Cox, Lynn Hofacket, John Moody, Kevin Angotti, Tim Rybczynski, Stan Blackmon, Bob Johnson, John Tucker, Craig Curry, Jeryl Sasser, Randy Terry, and Glenn Buntin.
Date: [1972,1973]

Bow River

Description: Photograph of the Bow River in Alberta, Canada. There are hills rising up on the left side of the image and trees on both sides of the river.
Date: 1972
Creator: Zichner, Mildred Schaeffer

[C.A. Andrews on his Front Porch]

Description: Narrative by Junebug Clark: A 1972 Photograph of C.A. Andrews standing on his front porch where he lives with his son James in Lynchburg, TN. C.A.'s grandfather worked for Jack Daniel. His father worked for Lem Motlow. C.A. worked for Reagor Motlow. C.A.'s son, James, had worked for Jack Daniel's Distillery for seventeen years when this picture was made. Quite a bit of family loyalty here.
Date: 1972-10~
Creator: Clark, Junebug

Country Boy - Hand in Pocket - part two

Description: Photograph of an unidentified boy with his hand in his overall pocket. His face is not pictured. This photograph was taken on Junebug Clark's visit to the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, and it is part of his series "Distillery People." This photo appears in the Clark book "Up The Hollow from Lynchburg." Photo by: Junebug Clark Signed by: Junebug Clark Clark PhotoFile: 9122-R90-25
Date: August 17, 1972
Creator: Clark, Junebug

[Country Store]

Description: Narrative by Junebug Clark: Photograph is from August 1972 and is shot near Lynchburg, Tennessee. I guess in the city you would call this stopping by the corner store or neighborhood store, but in the rural parts of Tennessee the country store still exists, though fewer now than when this photo was made.
Date: October 1972
Creator: Clark, Joe