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[Whig Ticket]

Description: Whig party ticket for the state at large and the 11 congressional districts of Tennessee in 1844.
Date: 1844
Creator: Whig Party
Item Type: Text

[Will force other matters]

Description: Note on back of form from Melissa State Bank stating that Henry S. Moore will force other matters and he has sold the place to A. M. Wilson for $75.00 per annum.
Date: 190u
Creator: Moore, Henry S.
Item Type: Text

[Will of Charles B. Moore, December 6, 1883]

Description: Will of Charles B. Moore, dated December 6, 1883, in which he leaves his estate to his wife, Mary Moore. He also describes Linnet as being a baby at the time he created this document. There are two copies, the second shows that it was updated on January 17, 1892. Mr. Moore also created a list of his taxable property on January 1st 1883.
Date: December 6, 1883
Creator: Moore, Charles B.
Item Type: Legal Document

[Wisdom's Warning!]

Description: Flyer advertising the purchase, repair and cleaning of watches at Otto Wettstein's in Rochelle, Illinois.
Date: unknown
Creator: Wettstein, Otto
Item Type: Text

[Wonders of the World]

Description: Discusses the wonders of the world. Flip side lecture of the pursuit of happiness through religion and sciences with the lecturer demonstrating part of his lecture.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Clipping