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[Letter from John Dowell, April 20, 1876]

Description: Letter from John Dowell notifying the recipient of the new legislation on pensions for the soldiers or volunteers of the war between Texas and Mexico. Dowell is offering his services if the recipient believes that he qualifies for the pension.
Date: 1876-04-20~
Creator: Dowell, John
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Joseph Graham to Thomas Westbrook, May 9th, 1862]

Description: Letter from Jos. Graham to Thomas Westbrook movement of company that is camped 9 miles west of Clarksville and on its way to Little Rock, Arkansas. Fears that company may be dismounted and have to continue without horses. Asks about Rachel Kennard. Discusses successful battle at Yorktown and the enemies possession of New Orleans. Mentions leaving 9 men behind at Bonham because of illness.
Date: May 9, 1862
Creator: Graham, Jos. & Westbrook, Thomas
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Michael M. Kennard to A.D Kennard, February 25, 1860]

Description: Letter from Michael M. Kennard to his brother, A.D Kennard, updating him on how the community is doing. He describes his mother's sale of a house, and dividing the Negros among the children. He also includes the price of corn, and other details including how stock throughout the county have died because of the rough winter.
Date: February 25, 1860
Creator: Kennard, Michael M.
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Phillip Sanders to A. D. Kennard, March 24, 1862]

Description: Letter from Phillip Sanders to A.D. Kennard from Camp Young, Austin County, saying the boys are well except a few who have mumps. He is concerned that his company will disband and is discussing the other possibilities, maybe joining J. Wats. He has heard nothing from David S. Kennard since arriving.
Date: March 24, 1862
Creator: Sanders, Phillip
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from William D. Shrewsbury to H. A. Hamner, Novemer 25, 1858]

Description: Letter from William D.Shrewsbury to H.A. Hamner regarding Salt Springs in Jack County and the "Galveston News." Shrewsbury then asks 12 questions regarding the Salt Springs. Shrewsbury showed interest in salt production and in Kanawha Salines Virginia.
Date: November 25, 1858
Creator: Shrewsbury, William D.
Item Type: Letter

[Minutes of Public Meeting, December 11,1860]

Description: Public Meeting at Buchanan. Four resolutions made at this meeting. First resolution to form companies, the second and third resolutions on who to lead companies and last for who will be on the Munitions Committee and get munitions.
Date: 1860-12-11~
Item Type: Legal Document

[Page of homework, undated]

Description: A practice sheet for English. Indicative past and present tenses, subjective past and present tenses,potential past and present present tenses and the indicative past and present again are all on the sheet. Also there is a small receipt at the bottom of the first page.
Date: 18??
Item Type: Text

[Receipt from Daly, Miller, & Co. for Cattle Purchase]

Description: Receipt for A. D. Kennard's purchase of 16 cattle and some hay. A handwritten note at the bottom of the receipt appears to say "We have steady market. Prospects fair. Cable not quite heavy enough."
Date: May 7, 1884
Creator: Daly, Miller, & Co.
Item Type: Text

[Subscription Receipt, July 10, 1861]

Description: Subscription for Mr. Kennard detailing copper, powder, blankets and other things. The text appears to say "Gran[...] Te[x]t, Jny 10th 1861, A D Kinard To the Subscription of I.Seurl[oc]k & Co., Taken up in the following Articles To Wit..."
Date: January 10, 1861
Creator: I. Seurlock & Co.
Item Type: Text