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[Agreement to Hire a Schoolteacher]
Legal document outlining the expectations of Uriah Cunning to become the teacher at an unidentified school. The document also includes a list of outstanding subscription fees; it is signed by Uriah Cunning and James Brown.
[Captain's Warrant, August 25, 1829]
Warrant from Captain Chauncey H. Redway to Sergeant Frien O. Payn. The warrant orders Payn to warn the listed persons to appear armed and equipped for Company parade at the house of John Burch at 8 o'clock AM on September 7. Payn is also charged with warning the named persons to appear at the Presbyterian Meeting House in Sacket's Harbor at 8 o'clock AM on September 18 for the general muster.
[Clipping, 1820]
This document is from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is a clipping which details the politicians who were running for positions in the state senate and congress. The clipping is dated 1820.
[Electoral ticket, 1820]
Newspaper clipping containing the electoral ticket list for the state at large and for congressional districts in 1820. The ticket for the state at large includes Adam Hunstman and Andrew Johnson. The ticket for congressional districts includes Brookins Campbell, John E. Wheeler, John F. Gillespy, G. W. Bowles, Samuel H. Laughlin, William Trousdale, William Carroll, Henderson Yoakum, A.O.P. Nicholson, George W. Jones, Bolling Gordon, A.W.O. Totten, and Levin H. Coe.
[Envelope, 1825]
Envelope that is dated 1825. The writing is in pencil and appears to say, " Welcome La Fayette; Israel Moore discharge; By...."
[Invitation to a Ball in Honor of General La Fayette]
Invitation to a Ball to honor the arrival of General Lafayette to the city of Nashville, Tennessee in April, 1825. There is an engraved illustration of an arch made up of two pillars with statues
[Letters Patent for Flutter Wheels]
Letters patent granting rights to James Stewart for an improvement to flutter wheels used to drive gins, mills, and other machinery.
[Patent Letter for Improvement in the Application of Water to Flutter Wheels, October 24, 1828]
A patent letter granting patent to James Stewart for his development in the improved application of water to flutter wheels. The purpose of the invention is to better drive saw-mills, grist mills, cotton gins, etc. Attached is a duplicate of the patent letter.
[Warrant, September 9, 1825]
Warrant to Chauncey H. Redway establishing his rank as 1st Sergeant of a Company under the command of Captain J. D. Smith in the 21st Regiment, 5th Brigade, and 1st Division of Artillery of the Militia of the State of New York.