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[August Election]
Clipping from St. Louis, Missouri showing the candidates from the August 1851 election for three Supreme Court Judges, Judge of the Circuit Court, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Judge of the Criminal Court, Law Commissioner, Jailor, and Assessor.
[Draft of a Wind Mill Design by Charles B. Moore]
Draft and details of a wind mill design created by Charles B. Moore.
[Envelope addressed to Elvira Moore, 1856]
Envelope addressed to Elvira Moore, Unionville P O, Bedford County, Tennessee. Much of the top portion of the envelope, including most of the postmark have been torn away. The date 1856 is written on the left side.
[Envelope addressed to Henry S. Moore, March 6, 1858]
Envelope addressed to Henry S. Moore in [Trammel] P O, Sumner County, Tennessee. The sender is unknown, but "Gainesville, TX Mar 6/58" us written at the top. Portions of the envelope have been torn away.
[Envelope Fragment, August 5, 1853]
Envelope fragment postmarked Saco, ME. August 5, 1853. The right side of the front of the envelope, where the address would have appeared, had been torn away. The envelope was received on August 16, 1853 according to the written note at the bottom left corner. Part of a red seal is still on the back.
[Journal entries, April 1857]
This document includes journal entries from April 4 to April 11 in an unidentified year. In the entries, Moore writes about a camping trip that is cut short by a "norther." The cold and snowy weather damaged the wheat and corn crops. He details his trip into McKinney in the snow and the snowball a group of boys were rolling in town. The next morning, on the 12, the winter weather had cleared up and by noon the snow was nearly all gone.
[Raising a Boy]
The author congratulates raising a boy. He hopes that the boy will become a farmer.
[Receipt for Boston Investigator, April 2, 1855]
Receipt to Charles B. Moore for one year subscription to the Boston Investigator.
[Receipt for Boston Investigator, February 19, 1853]
Receipt to Charles B. Moore for one year subscription to the Boston Investigator.
[Receipt for sale of slave to A. D. Kennard, April 5, 1854]
Receipt for sale of slave by David M. Smith to A.D. Kennard described as a 24 year old male with a badly burned right foot named Harnes.
[Receipt from A. J. Duncan, February 15, 1854]
Receipt from Duncan Morgan Merchants for items, including 2 gross agate buttons.
[Receipt from T. W. and W. H. Evans to Charles Moore, September 8, 1852]
Receipt from T. W. and W. H. Evans Dealers in dry goods, hardware, boots and shoes, hats and caps, etc. for $27.00 worth of cloth.
[Receipt from the Boston Investigator to C. B. Moore, March 27, 1856]
Received of C. B. Moore $5 for the Boston Investigator.
[Receipt from Tri-Weekly Union and American, September 14, 1854]
Receipt from Tri-Weekly Union and American Charles B. Moore for a three month subscription.
[Receipt, March 15, 1850]
Receipt that payment of $135 was paid.