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[Charles Moore Letter Book]

Description: A ledger containing records of Charles Moore's mail. Includes dates sent and received, whether or not a letter was read, where it was read, where it was mailed and to whom.
Date: January 1865
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[Letter from A.D. Kennard to his brother, January 4, 1861]

Description: Letter from A.D. Kennard to his brother discussing his mother staying with Mr. Fanthorp. He mentions that his wife and children have been visiting in Houston. The crop failures are causing him financial difficulty and his legal work goes well, but people can't pay because of the crop failure. He shows his support for secession, he expresses wishes for the return of the "Lone Star Republic," and he discusses his unhappiness with a "Black Republican President."
Date: January 4, 1861
Creator: Kennard, A. D.

[Letter from A.G. Lee, February 15, 1865]

Description: Letter from A. G. Lee about transportation furnished for Moses Saporius Private of Redway's company from Rochester to Baltimore at the cost of $7.30.
Date: February 15, 1865
Creator: Lee, A. G.

[Letter from Addison Wilson to Charles B. Moore, September 1, 1861]

Description: Letter from Addison Wilson to Charles B. Moore discussing recent news of family and friends, local elections, farming, and the weather. There is an envelope addressed to C. B. Moore in Parris, Lamar County, Texas. It is postmarked McKinney, Texas. According to the note written in the bottom left corner, the letter was received on September 12, 1861.
Date: September 1, 1861
Creator: Wilson, Addison

[Letter from Adjutant General's Office, February 25, 1865]

Description: Letter from the Adjutant General's office addressed to the commanding officer of "F" Company, 1st N. Y. Vet. Cavalry which discusses missing papers for Private Andrew M. Anderson. The letter states that Anderson's records are missing a final inventory.
Date: February 25, 1865
Creator: War Department, Adjutant General's Office

[Letter from Austin A, Yates, April 12, 1865]

Description: Letter from Austin A. Yates to the Colonel commanding the 1st N. Y. Vet. Cavl. which certifies the following men as Privates in the 1st Company N. Y. Vet. Cavalry: James A. Wilkie, Theron King, Myron H. Densmore, Benjamin F. Carpenter, and John D. Humphrey. These men were certified as privates by Capt. Capt. S. M. Harmon and received bounties for their promotions. The bounties were: advanced pay in the sum of $13.00, a premium on the sum of $2.00, and a bounty in the sum of $60.00. Hamilton K. Redway is listed with the promoted soldier's signatures.
Date: April 12, 1865
Creator: Yates, Austin A.

[Letter from Bettie Wallace to Elvira Moore, 1861]

Description: Letter from Bettie Wallace to Elvira Moore and a male relative. Included is local and family news, including marriages, deaths, and Uncle Add buying a slave for $1,000.
Date: 1861
Creator: Wallace, Bettie

[Letter from Brig. Gen. E. W. Hinks, November 8, 1864]

Description: Letter from Brig. Gen. Hinks special order that Private Joseph Short will be joining his regiment without delay. (On Back) The cost of transportation for Private J. Short was $10.00. Also the transportation cost of $5.28 from Baltimore MD.
Date: November 8, 1864
Creator: Hinks, E. W.