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[Clipping, March 31, 1866]

Description: A newspaper clipping from the Charles B. Moore Collection. The clipping is a business advertisement for P. Reynaud who was a commission merchant from Houston Texas. Reynaud's advertisement notes that his line of business was in the sale of cotton, hides, and country produce. It also lists a few of his associates.
Date: March 31, 1866
Creator: Waco Texas Register

[Entries from J. C. Moore's Journal, August 1864]

Description: Entries from J.C. Moore's journal addressed to Charles B. Moore. In the first entry, he acknowledges papers and letters previously sent by Charles B. Moore. He also discusses the lives of several friends and family members in his hometown of Flat Woods, Tennessee, and comments on the occasional robberies and raids in the town. Moore describes the recent rainy weather and it's effects on the local agricultural endeavors. In an entry dated August 11, the Moore describes in detail an armed gang robbery that occurred in the town. In an entry dated August 18, he follows up with a description of the capture of two robbers.
Date: August 1864
Creator: Moore, J. C.

[Envelope from Elvira D. Moore and Lucinda Wallace to Mr. Jo or Charles B. Moore, March 9,1862]

Description: Envelope from Elvira D. Moore and Lucinda Wallace addressed to Mr. Jo [?] or Charles B. Moore at Rocky Bayou, Arkansas. It is postmarked Shelbyville, Tennessee, March 11th, and the date Mar. 9, 1862 is written in blue ink. According to the note written in the bottom left corner, the letter was received on March 25, 1862. There are some numbers written in pencil on the back.
Date: March 9, 1862
Creator: Moore, Elvira D. & Wallace, Lucinda

[Envelope from Liza Moore to Charles B. Moore, March 1861]

Description: Envelope addressed to Charles B. Moore in Paris, Lamar County, Texas. There is a note written in blue ink that says "A friendly letter written to Henry from Liza Moore at Flatwood, Ark." According to the dates written at the top, the letter was written on March 8, 1861 and March 10, 1861. The note at the bottom left corner says that it was received on March 27, 1861. A portion of the envelope has been torn away, including most of the postmark.
Date: March 1861
Creator: Moore, Liza