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[Letter from Alice Donnell to Mollie Moore, December 18, 1875]

Description: Alice is happy to hear from her friend and wishes to visit. She inquires about Joe's trunk and if Mr. Moore knows anything about it. She would like Mollie to write back as soon as possible with information on Joe's trunk. She mentions Bettie's mother who is not feeling well.Dinkie wants to throw a party for Joe and Alice wishes Mollie and Mr. Moore could go. Mary Jane and Simeon have not married yet and Simeon talks of going to Texas. Alice now has the Texas fever and really wants to go. John Wallace and Susie Lore are talked about by the neighborhood of getting married. She asks Mollie to write her a long letter and to write back about Joe's trunk.
Date: December 18, 1875
Creator: Donnell, Alice

[Letter from Bettie Franklin and Matilda Dodd to Mary Moore, May 22, 1876]

Description: A letter to Mary Moore from her sister, Bettie Franklin, and her mother, Matilda Dodd. In the letter, Franklin and Dodd discuss the state of the family and of the farm and animals. Franklin informs Moore that there have been many deaths in town, including Mallie Donnell, Mrs. Holder, and Tom Berry's wife. Franklin and Dodd both ask Moore to visit soon. Franklin closes by sending her regards to Moore's husband, Charles B. Moore. Included with this item is the envelope in which the letter was mailed. The letter, postmarked May 22 from Gallatin, Tennessee, is addressed to Mrs. Mollie Moore in McKinney, Collin County, Texas, Box No 12.
Date: May 22, 1876
Creator: Franklin, Bettie & Dodd, Matilda

[Letter from Bettie Franklin and Matilda Dodd to Sis and Mr. Moore, March 17, 1879]

Description: Matilda had received and written back already, but hasn't heard anything from them yet. She says that they are doing well, but the county is sick with pneumonia. They have been gardening in the dry weather, but it might frost. She doesn't expect any peaches because of the bad weather. She should finish her quilt by tomorrow. Mrs. Nay died and Peat Wallace lost is youngest son. She is afraid to leave her house at night because of wild hogs. She hopes they are well and asks that they write back soon. Bettie says she has been enjoying good weather and has planted irish potatoes, beets, and parsnips. She asks if Mr. Moore paid the doctor and she wanted to help. Pete Wallace's son was buried last Friday. She went to town and got some dishes and looked at a stove. Abe is going to town to sell wood, she asks that they write back soon.
Date: March 17, 1879
Creator: Franklin, Bettie & Dodd, Matilda

[Letter from Bettie Franklin and William Dodd, December 10, 1876]

Description: A letter from Bettie Franklin and William Dodd to their mother (who is visiting Mary Moore) and sister (Mary Ann Dodd Moore). The envelope has a postal stamp reading "Galatin, Tenn; Dec 11" and a hand written note reading William Dodd; + Betty Franklin; Recvd Dec 15th; 1876."
Date: December 10, 1876
Creator: Franklin, Bettie & Dodd, William

[Letter from Bettie Franklin and William Dodd to their Sister and Mr. Moore, October 25, 1878]

Description: They are doing well, she had a slight chill and Abe is getting over his cold with medicine given to him from Dr. Woodson. Her and her mother went to see Mr. Donnell and he doesn't look like he has long to live. MRs. Summers looks well. She and Mrs. Montgomery would like to see her. Mollie Love, Mary, and the children visited. They went to edgefield and didn't have to stay the night because the train was behind schedule. They were at her parent's place but her parent's did not realize they were there until they went out to meet them. The children have gotten bigger and are now in school everyday. They are waiting for their boxes to arrive, her father says there is too much fright on the road. Abe is going to town to get more information. She wants to purchase land to start a home but Abe hasn't said anything. She also wants to be together. Her father and mother wrote postal cards and she asks that they write back soon.
Date: October 25, 1878
Creator: Franklin, Bettie & Dodd, William

[Letter from Bettie Franklin, November 7, 1875]

Description: Bettie was unable to write a quick letter before Robbe left and she wanted to send some patterns and a dress that needs work done on it. She mentions it was unbearably hot inside the house. Someone is very sick and wants to see Charles and his wife soon. She sends all of her love to the relatives and hopes that Charles is done with his wheat so they can come visit.
Date: November 7, 1875
Creator: Franklin, Bettie

[Letter from Bettie Franklin to her Sister and Mr. Moore, June 5, 1877]

Description: She arrived home Friday night and had to sleep for two days to recover, Sissy got sick and took medicine to recover. They canned 6 cans of cherries. It has been dry, it rained early in the season but then dried up. Bettie's garden looks good despite the dry weather. Her beans are blooming and had an abundance of irish potatoes. Several people are about to head out to Texas. Dinky will write to her by the end of the week and She wants her to save some Texas flower seeds for her. Bettie isn't feeling well and was happy to see her sister and mother. She will write more next time and Lilly has been taking strawberries and cherries.
Date: June 5, 1877
Creator: Franklin, Bettie & Dodd, M.

[Letter from Bettie Franklin to Matilda Dodd and Mary Moore, January 28, 1877]

Description: A letter from Bettie Franklin to Matilda Dodd and Mary Moore on January 28, 1876. Mary's mother, Matilda, is visiting her in Texas. In the letter, Bettie talks about the warm and clear weather, as well as the state of the farm and animals. She mentions that there have been several weddings, including that of Laura Wallace and Frank Dorris. In closing, Bettie says that many neighbors' dogs have gone mad - she fears that hers will also go mad. Included with this item is the envelope in which the letter was mailed. The envelope, postmarked January 29 from Gallatin, Tennessee, is addressed to Mrs. Mollie Moore in McKinney, Collin County, Texas, Box No 12.
Date: January 28, 1877
Creator: Franklin, Bettie

[Letter from Bob Landers to Charles B. Moore, May, 23, 1875]

Description: This letter from the Charles B. Moore collection is written by Bob Landers and is addressed to C.B. Moore. In his letter, Landers details for Moore news about his family and their health, news about his crops and the cold spring weather, and news from his community. In the closing remarks, Landers sends his respect to Moore's family. It is dated May 23, 1875.
Date: May 23, 1875
Creator: Landers, Bob

[Letter from Bratney, W. A., July 26, 1876]

Description: A personal letter from W. A. Bratney to Mollie Moore informing her that he had gotten married and started a new line of work in collections.
Date: July 26, 1876
Creator: Bratney, W. A.

[Letter from Charles B. Moore to Will Boyd, November 3, 1873]

Description: Letter from Charles B. Moore in Collin County to Will Boyd, Phelps, Missouri discussing the poor crops that year, including corn and wheat and the slightly better cotton. He discusses the large volume of emigrants entering the area looking for cheap land who are willing to work. He mentions a visit from Uncle Bill Moore from Atlanta, Aunt Polly Winham from Jerseyville, Illinois, and other family members.
Date: November 3, 1873
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[Letter from Charles Moore to Elvira Moore and Jo, November 22, 1871]

Description: Letter from Charles Moore to Elvira Moore and Jo (perhaps Wallace). The letter mentions births, deaths, health of friends, family, and neighbors, as well as farming concerns. Murders and attempted murders are also discussed.
Date: November 22, 1871
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[Letter from Charles Moore to Elvira Moore, October 21, 1871]

Description: Letter to Elvira Moore from Charles Moore discussing his trip to Sherman, Texas, with Henry Moore to have wheat processed into flour, an account of the health of family and friends, and the transport of a man named Parker to Sherman, Texas in order to stand trial for the murder of a person named Peacock. Portions of the document have been destroyed and are illegible.
Date: October 21, 1871
Creator: Moore, Charles B.

[Letter from Dinkie McGee to her Sister and Mother, April 15, 1877]

Description: She ran into Mollie McGee and heard that Abe was up there, and Bettie was there Tuesday. She now has 60 little chickens and When she comes to visit she will make fried chicken. They will also have a lot of peaches, her onions are doing well too. Henry planted his sweet potatoes recently and George Wallace married recently, to Morilla Vaughn. The children talk of going to visit their Aunt Mollie and Uncle Charlie and Grandma. Bettie gave Willie some duck eggs and he had them taken care of by Nat. Dinkie asks that she write soon.
Date: April 15, 1877
Creator: McGee, Dinkie

[Letter from Dinkie McGee to her Sister and Mr. Moore, November 2, 1879]

Description: She is sorry for not writing sooner, but everyone is doing well. They are having cool weather with two frosts within the last two weeks. Henry hasn't sowed his wheat yet because he was waiting for his corn. They made 15 bushels of irish potatoes and 12 bushes of sweet potatoes. They are going to have turnips as big as plates and will eat it with beef club. Willie and Sissie's teacher Mr. Holder is giving out a prize for the student who has the most head marks. There has been great growth in the campbellites. Simon McGee joined, as did Bettie Elllis and Anne Jones. Mrs. McGee went to stay with Mr. Albeight in Kentucky. They raised a lot of chickens this year. Miss Sucky is weaving her a carpet, it is mixed colored and she won't be able to put it down this winter. She asks about Billy getting married. She also mentions there might be two parties, but she won't dance because of her foot. She ask that they write back soon.
Date: November 2, 1879
Creator: McGee, Dinkie

[Letter from Dinkie McGee to her Sister, July 25, 1875]

Description: The author tells her sister that everyone is doing well except Willie and Sassie who have colds. Mr. McGee died, he had a stroke and had cholera. She had tomatoes for a week. The author still owes $10 on her machine, but her mother gave her $5. The author wants her sister to come and visit so she can make wine for her and her husband. Her sister is planning to sell her goat, and she is going to town to buy a new dress.
Date: July 25, 1875
Creator: McGee, Dinkie

[Letter from Dinkie McGee to her Sister, June 9, 1877]

Description: They arrived in Sherman and then stayed at a couple of friends' places. They left Sherman and arrived at Gallatin Friday night. Sissie got sick and so did Willie. Mr. McMurry joined them on their way home and got robbed. It has been raining and they needed it. They have been eating peas, irish potatoes, and beets from her garden. She canned cherries and was able to finish ironing. No one has come to visit yet, but Mollie McGee should come by. She is not going to Aunt Peggy's funeral because her mother is coming home with them. Her father sent Bill Jones to go work at her sister's farm and she is going to send some quilt pieces to her. So that Aunt Til will piece them together and her sister could bring them back. Willie would like her to bring some pecans with her. Sissie likes talking about Uncle Charlie's cows and telling all of their names. She asks to give her love to Mrs. Burge and Aunt Til and Maria. She asks to forgive the bad writing.
Date: June 9, 1877
Creator: McGee, Dinkie