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[Bill from J. M. Wilcox & Son, October 8, 1896]
A bill from J. M. Wilcox & Son to C. B. Moore for a total of $40.54.
[Letter from Alice Griffin to Mary, Linnet, and Charles B. Moore, October 11, 1896]
Letter from Alice Griffin to the Moore family in which she up dates them on the health of her family and friends; going to Plano; fixing up an old buggy; and the choice of cloth for Lillian's cloak. She included swatches of the cloth in the letter.
[Letter from Camilla Wallace to Charles Moore, October 19, 1896]
Letter from Camilla Wallace to Charles B. Moore in which she relates the health of her family; a trip up a mountain and its impact on the health of Tom; Will has a new camera; and her plans to join the camera club. Will is the secretary of the irrigation company. She is helping with the office work, which she enjoys. She plans to vote for William Jennings Bryan in the hopes of changing policies.