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Advertising the 101 Ranch Wild West Show, 1918
This photo shows an old car with a steer head attached to the front, driven by a man, with four cowgirls and a wooden Indian as passengers. The girl on the far left is Prairie Rose Henderson and the girl sitting on the hood of the car is Ruth Roach.
Group on the wing [of a bi-plane], c. 1915
Photograph of a group of people with a bi-plane airplane in a field in Oklahoma. Sitting on top of the wings, from left to right are: Mabel Strickland, Bonnie McCarroll, Florence Hughes, Fox Hastings, and Ruth Roach. The men on the ground are involved in some kind of escapade involving a sword and turbans.
My Parade Horses on 101 Ranch, 1914
This photo shows Ruth Roach astride one horse and driving two more horses in front of her before a tent.
Never Too High for Slim Riley - Tucumcari Round-Up, 1918
This photo shows two men on horses; the horse of the man on the left is rearing up like a bucking bronco.
[On a Boat in a Park in England]
This photo shows a group of people in a park, some on a small pontoon-type boat that is flying both a Union Jack and a U.S. flag.
Ruth Roach, 1914
In this photo, Ruth Roach is standing outside in front of a building, wearing an ankle-length ladies' suit.
Ruth Roach Posing on a Horse
This photo shows Ruth Roach sitting astride a horse in a still pose.
Ruth Roach With a Another Lady and a Car
This is a fragment of a print showing a young Ruth Roach in a cowgirl outfit, standing next to an older woman in white, who has her hand resting on an old car (possibly a Model T Ford).
Ruth Roach with a Baby
This photo shows Ruth Roach holding a baby onto a horse.
Ruth Roach with Mabel Hamilton, 1914
Photograph of a boat, the Princess Mary, with what appears to be rodeo performers riding on the top deck with a U.S. Flag and a Union Jack. Ruth Roach is standing beside her friend, Mabel Hamilton, in the very center of the photograph. A notation on the back of the photo indicates that they are on the River Thames, on Ascot Sunday.