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[Letter from E. W. Powell to Levi Perryman, March 4, 1921]
Letter from E. W. Powell to Levi Perryman regarding tax receipts, health of family, and politics.
[Letter from Irene Biffle Williams to Byrd Williams, Jr., August 23, 1923]
Letter from Irene Biffle Williams to her husband Byrd Williams, Jr., discussing the need for money to pay for their sons, B. M. (Byrd, III) and John to have their tonsils taken out, as well as for John's circumcision. The letter also delves into their marital troubles as Byrd spends too much time away while working and gambling.
[Letter from Irene Williams to B. M. Williams, February 11, 1923]
Letter from Irene Williams to her husband, complaining that he has not been writing to her and updating him on family and local news. She also enclosed clippings of four newspaper articles on various topics related to El Paso, Texas. The envelope is addressed to Mr. B. M. Williams in Long Beach, California.
[Letter from Johnathan Theodore Biffle to Byrd Moore Williams, Jr., August 14, 1923]
Letter from Johnathan Biffle to his son-in-law, Byrd Williams, Jr., regarding the relationship between Byrd Williams, Jr. and Irene Biffle Williams.