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[Administration Building at North Texas State Teachers College]

Description: Photograph of the Administration Building, in center background, at North Texas State Teachers College. This photograph was taken from a paved street. The Historical Building is visible in the left foreground, and the Science Building is in the right foreground. A walkway, with open white gates, leads between the Historical Building and Science Building to the Administration Building. The walkway is lined with trees and shrubbery. Part of an automobile is also visible in the left foreground parked at the curb. Handwritten notes on the back of the photograph read, "admin. bldg. before 1935" and "Campus Inner, Historical Bldg. [L], Auditorium (Admin before '35) Bldg. [Center], Science Bldg. [R]."
Date: [1923..1935]
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Cowboy Group Photo

Description: This photo is an interior shot of a group of men and women posing behind a table. It was taken somewhere in Europe. The back row, from left to right are: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Tommy Kirnan, Nowata Slim Richardson, Unknown, Rube Roberts, Unknown, and Unknown. Seated from left to right are: Unknown, Vera McGinnis, Bea Kirnan, Ruth Roach, and Unknown.
Date: 1924

Cowboy Group Photo in Arena

Description: This is a group shot of ten riders, posing in a row. From left to right they are: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Vera McGinnis, Unknown, Red Sublett, Ruth Roach, Nowata Slim Richardson, Bea Kirnan, Unknown. This photo was taken while on a European tour and is believed to be in Paris, France.
Date: 1924

[Historical Building and Science Building at North Texas State Normal College]

Description: Photograph, facing southwest, of the Historical Building (in center background) and Science Building (on right) at North Texas State Normal College. In the right of the photograph, a man and woman are looking at a book and sitting on a bench next to the ground floor windows of the Science Building, while another man can be seen leaning out of the first floor window above the man and woman on the bench. In the left of the photograph, several trees, a fence, and a gate can be seen lining one of the campus walkways. The number "53" is written in bold ink in the bottom right corner of the photograph. On the back of the photograph, a handwritten note reads, "Campus, inner, 1922".
Date: 1922
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[In Soldier's Field, Chicago]

Description: This photo shows a group of eleven cowgirls standing in Soldier's Field, Chicago, with a row of classical columns behind them. From left to right, they are: Fox Hastings, Donna Cowan, Marie Gibson, Florence Hughes, Tad Lucas, Grace Runyan, Ruth Roach, Rose Smith, Bonnie McCarroll (possibly), Vera McGinnis, and Mabel Strickland.
Date: 1927

[Inez Evans North Texas State Normal College diploma]

Description: Diploma from North Texas State Normal College certifying that Inez Evans has completed the necessary coursework to earn a degree of Bachelor of Arts. At the top of the document is an illustration of the Texas Coat of Arms; a star of five points, encircled by a wreath of olive and live oak branches The Certificate is signed by President William Herschel Bruce and President of the Board of Regents M. O. Flowers. At the bottom of the diploma it is embossed with the North Texas State Normal College seal.
Date: August 25, 1922
Creator: North Texas Normal College

Item 2: World War I (4)

Description: This is the 2nd of 5 reels in the US Army Signal Corp produced film, "America Goes Over," documenting the activities of the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I. The film was produced in 1918 and this print was likely produced ca. 1927. The footage begins with American troops marching through rainy streets in France, then taking wagons on French roads and gearing up for the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. The footage then shows American guns firing the first shots of the 47-day Meuse-Argonne battle, an artillery observer being launched into the air in a balloon with an early radio, then being shot down by planes and parachuting to safety while anti-aircraft guns shoot at the plane with the balloon bursting into flames afterward. The battle scenes include early night-time battle footage, artillery fire, a Renault FT-17 Tank, and various troop movement. As the troops move into the Argonne Forest the footage shows various small conflicts, the assessment of a wounded soldier, dead lying in the fields, and villages in ruins. The footage also features Generals Foch and Pershing giving an update, troops in downtime, prisoners marching, Pershing pinning medals on American troops, troops playing with a lion cub, milking a goat, dressing as women and dancing, and gambling entertainment.
Date: 1927
Creator: US Army Signal Corp

Item 3: World War I (5)

Description: Film footage of the 5th of 5 reels in the US Army Signal Corp produced film, "America Goes Over," documenting the activities of the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I. The film was produced in 1918 and this print was likely produced ca. 1927. The film begins with the American forces receiving supplies, repairing roads and clearing them for artillery, and digging trenches. The footage continues with five bi-planes taking off with some footage from the air, then firing artillery and fighting during an October offensive, building a bridge and crossing the Meuse, troops and a Renault tank moving through a shelled out town, and talking with villagers. The film ends with troops celebrating news of the November 11 cease-fire, Joffre, Foch, Pershing, French, and other generals shake hands.
Date: 1927