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[Envelope from L. B. Price Mercantile Co. to Linnet White, September 8, 1917]

Description: An envelope originally sent by L. B. Price Mercantile Co. to Linnet (Mrs. Claude D.) White, post marked in Fort Worth, Texas, on September 8, 1917. White then reused the envelope to contact the sender, causing the second post mark from Kansas City, Missouri, on September 12, 1917. The stamp has been removed.
Date: September 8, 1917
Creator: L. B. Price Mercantile Co.

[Envelope, January 8, 1919]

Description: Envelope for Mrs. Loriette Redway from the following organization: Commissioners of the District of Columbia, Office of the Disbursing Officer. The envelope is dated January 8, 1919.
Date: January 8, 1919
Creator: United States. Army.

[Letter from Sally Thornhill to Mary Moore, July 8, 1910]

Description: Letter from Sally Thornhill to Mary Moore in which she discusses her health, the garden and the crops, and the farm. She writes about how the economy has influenced their decisions on what to sell and what to hold on to. She gives news of her family and a baby that is teething. She relates the activities of family and friends.
Date: July 8, 1910
Creator: Thornhill, Sally

[Tax receipt, January 8, 1912]

Description: Tax receipt for $132.55 to Levi Perryman for 1912 taxes he paid: William Linn (57 2/5 acres), A Morris (160 acres), A.G. Perryman (540 acres), W.T. Williams (160 acres), L Perryman (90 7/80), Seth Cary (66 2/5), L Perryman (27 and 67 acres), E Henwoods (160 acres), L Perryman (30 acres), ET Railroad Company (20 acres), H Haddon (240 acres).
Date: January 8, 1912
Creator: Lumm, A. D.

[Typed Letter, August 8, 1917]

Description: Typed letter dated August 8, 1917. It is addressed to "My Dear Kiddies," and it is signed "Your loving Dubbie." The letterhead belongs to The L. B. Price Mercantile Company in Fort Worth, Texas, Office of D. Van Gieson, Field Mgr. The letter discusses the recipient's trip to Colorado and the writer's upcoming trip.
Date: August 8, 1917

[Typed Letter, August 9, 1917]

Description: Typed letter dated August 9, 1917 discussing the writer's upcoming trip. The letter head belongs to L. B. Price Mercantile Company. The letter is addressed to "My dear Kiddies," and it is signed "Your loving Dubbie." There is a handwritten note on the back that says "Miss Isabel Baudy 567 Parsons - or Manitou G. D. - [Shringham] Cottage."
Date: September 8, 1917