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[Portrait of two men]

Description: Photograph of (most likely) Gilbert Cuellar sitting next to an unidentified man in front of a dark-colored backdrop. Both men wear three-piece suits with neck-ties and Edwardian lace-up shoes. Written on bottom: "1916."
Date: 1916

[Portrait of woman standing]

Description: Photograph of an unidentified woman in a long dark-colored dress standing next to a chair. Her left hand grasps the top of the chair while her right hand touches her hips. She wears a pearl necklace with a pendant and her hair is braided up with a brooch. Written on back: "Dedico este presente retrato a mi apreciable comadre Adelaida Cuellar - Rosebud, TX - Octobre 15 de 1913." ( *Translated from Spanish: I dedicate this portrait to my beloved friend Adelaida Cuellar - Rosebud, TX, October 15, 1913 )
Date: November 15, 1913