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[Letter from David Fentress to his wife Clara, August 28, 1863]

Description: Letter from David Fentress to his wife Clara describing the toll that sickness has taken on the Confederate troops; troop movements; demoralized troops deserting and going home; his personal health; and comments on family news.
Date: August 28, 1863
Creator: Fentress, David

[Letter from David S. Kennard to his father A. D. Kennard,Jr, June 21, 1862]

Description: Letter from David S. Kennard to his father, A.D. Kennard, Jr., detailing news about his time in the camps by the White River in Arkansas and the news includes: the present location of David's regiment who has set up camps on the White River near De Valls, Arkansas; a dialogue about his company who attempted to travel to "Charles town" (Charleston, AR) by boat,fifty miles away, on the night of June the 16th only to discover the "feds" had captured the town that day; a discussion about marching to meet the company who was traveling to "Charles town"; an account of how his company prepared for battle on June the 18th; a detailed dialogue on the reason why they took a "stand"; a discussion about the fight at Charleston, AR; an account of the post-battle preparations of the regiment located near De Valls Bluff, AR; updates on his health and the health of his fellow soldiers; and a dialogue about selling his pony in Little Rock AR.
Date: June 21, 1862
Creator: Kennard, David S.

[Letter from W. F. Gilluly, January 23, 1866]

Description: Ordnance and ordnance stores received from Lieut. W. F. Gilluly to Lieut. H. K. Redway. Stores such as: belts, cartridge boxes, brush whips, screw drivers and other items.
Date: January 23, 1866
Creator: Gilluly, W. F.