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[Photo of North Texas Alumni in a Parade, 1989]

Description: Photograph of the Irving Chapter of UNT Alumni in a Fourth of July parade in Irving, Texas. Included in the photo are: Gary Schepf, Treasurer; Herb Shauer, President Elect; Gladys Valchar, Athletic Champion; Cynthia Rodriquez, Scholarship Winner; and Phala Finley, Secretary
Date: July 4, 1989
Item Type: Photograph

[Letter from Sarah T. Hughes to Norma Payne]

Description: Letter from United States District Judge Sarah T. Hughes to Ms. Norma Payne, in response to a previous letter from Ms. Payne regarding bias against women in law school admission and in the legal profession in general. Judge Hughes describes her admission to and graduation from law school. She writes about the discrimination, or lack thereof, that she encountered as a woman in the law profession and in her later legislative and judicial career.
Date: February 23, 1982
Creator: Hughes, Sarah T. (Sarah Tilghman), 1896-1985
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from Campbell B. Read to Station Manager of KVTT-FM 91.7, "Request for Equal Time" - May 14, 1983]

Description: Letter from Campbell B. Read, Ph.D. to the Station Manager of the Christian radio station KVTT 91.7 FM in Dallas. Dr. Read is requesting equal time to respond to certain claims made by Dr. Paul Cameron, Dr. Clem Mueller, and a vice officer of the Dallas Police Department on the "Point of View" talk radio program on May 13, 1983. The topic of the talk show was the health aspects of homosexual behavior. Read writes that the Federal Communications Commission requires that radio stations give equal time for rebuttal if "questionable, if not slanderous, statements are made about [minority] groups". Read, who holds a Ph. D. in Statistics, challenges the claims made by the guests on the talk show and claims that their comments about the gay community were indeed slanderous.
Date: May 14, 1983
Creator: Read, Campbell B.
Item Type: Letter

[Letter from H. Clem Mueller, M.D. of Alert Citizens of Texas, Inc. to "Concerned Texan"]

Description: Letter from H. Clem Mueller, M.D. of Alert Citizens of Texas, Inc. to supporters of the corporation "who are concerned about the various threats posed by homosexual conduct to the normal citizens of this State" (p. 3). "BEWARE" is written in red ink on the first page of the letter. In the letter, Mueller cites various studies and statistics about the "Gay Plague" (i.e., AIDS) and includes other warnings about how "homosexuality is extremely dangerous from a public health standpoint" (p. 2). The letter encourages readers to express their concerns about the "Gay Plague" to the Texas Legislature, and asks for financial contributions from the organization's supporters.
Date: [1983, 1984]
Creator: Alert Citizens of Texas, Inc.
Item Type: Letter

[Clipping: Club offers latest drugs for AIDS]

Description: Continuation of an article from The Dallas Morning News discussing alternative treatments used by AIDS and HIV-positive patients supplied by the Dallas Buyer's Club. It includes a photograph of Ron Woodroof, the founder of the Dallas Buyer's Club, posing with a selection of pills and bottles. Portions of several other articles are on the back of the clipping.
Date: May 17, 1989
Item Type: Clipping

[Letter from Donald J. Maison, Jr. to Ronald Woodroof - September 7, 1988]

Description: Photocopy of a letter from Donald J. Maison, Jr. to Ronald D. Woodroof clarifying legal advice that he provided to Woodroof regarding a civil action case. He also mentions a phone call regarding a drug protocol that they had discussed. The subject line reads "Dallas Gay Alliance, Inc., et al. vs. Dallas County Hospital District, et al., Civil Action Number CA 3-88-1394-H, In the United States District Court for the Northern District Texas - Dallas Division."
Date: September 7, 1988
Creator: Maison, Donald J., Jr.
Item Type: Letter

[Terry Tebedo - Cedar Springs]

Description: A photograph of Terry Tebedo in Dallas, Texas, standing on a ladder and placing a a yellow Razzle Dazzle Dallas poster on a telephone pole in June of 1983. Razzle Dazzle Dallas is a local event celebrating LGBT Pride month in June. An American flag is above him on the pole. On the back of the photographer, there are Kodak stamps and a handwritten note: "Terry Tebedo w/RDP poster - on Cedar Springs, June 83."
Date: June 1983
Item Type: Photograph

[AIDS Update Float at Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade]

Description: Photograph of the AIDS Update float in the 1988 Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade. The AIDS Resource Center banner can be seen in the back right of the photo. Riders in the car include Dave Lewis (right), editor, Rodd Gray (as Patti le Plae Safe), columnist, and Dave's partner, whose name is unknown.
Date: September 1988
Item Type: Photograph
Location Info:

[Dave Lewis and Bill Nelson at Pride III]

Description: Photograph of Dave Lewis (left), and Bill Nelson (right) standing in front of a large group of people at Pride III in Lee Park, Dallas, Texas. Both of them are holding striped rainbow flags on metal poles; several people in the background also have flags. Handwritten on the back of this photo are the words, "R. Dise, #84-23. Shot #6. Pride III Dallas at Lee Park. Foreground, l-r: Dave Lewis Bill Nelson. 09-23-84."
Date: September 23, 1984
Item Type: Photograph

[Bruce Monroe and Another Man in Front of a Banner at a Memorial Service for Terry Tebedo]

Description: Photograph of two men, both in jeans and tennis shoes, standing in a dark outdoor area in front of a banner that reads "Never Forget : Dallas Gay Alliance" (partially obscured by the man on the left). The man on the left is Bruce Monroe. Large floral arrangements and wreaths sit under the banner. Photograph taken at the memorial service honoring Terry Tebedo, who died of AIDS complications in 1988. Members of the Dallas Gay Alliance are present, as well as members of Gay Urban Truth Squad (GUTS), a sub-organization of the Alliance.
Date: 1988
Item Type: Photograph

[Bill Nelson and Crowd in Front of a Banner]

Description: Photograph of a crowd of people (including activist Bill Nelson) socializing in front of a banner that reads "Never Forget: Dallas Gay Alliance." The photo was taken in a dark outside space and there are large wreaths and floral arrangements around the sign. This event was taken at a memorial for Terry Tebedo in 1988.
Date: 1988
Item Type: Photograph

[Dallas Gay Alliance T-Shirt]

Description: White T-shirt with an image of a flag and the words "Dallas Gay Alliance" underneath. The flag has a blue square in the upper-left corner containing blue and white silhouettes of faces; the rest of the flag has rainbow stripes.
Date: [1983..1993]

[Dallas Gay Alliance T-Shirt (2)]

Description: White T-shirt with an image of a flag and the words "Dallas Gay Alliance" underneath. The flag has a blue square in the upper-left corner containing blue and white silhouettes of faces; the rest of the flag has rainbow stripes.
Date: [1983..1993]

[Close-Up of Dallas Gay Alliance T-Shirt]

Description: Close-up of the Dallas Gay Alliance logo on a white T-shirt. Part of a flag is visible, which has a blue square in the upper-left corner containing blue and white silhouettes of faces; the rest of the flag has rainbow stripes.
Date: [1983..1993]
Creator: Monroe, Bruce

[Crossroads Market Bag]

Description: Bag from Crossroads Market, a store run by Bill Nelson, Terry Tebedo, and William Waybourn throughout the 1980s. The bag has a logo with the initials "CM" in the center of a circle and text underneath that says "Crossroads Market Bookstore & Cafe."
Date: 1980~

[Phil Johnson Press Release - April 23, 1984]

Description: Press release announcing items that will be on display at the Community Center Gay Research Library. It specifically mentions the Lambda symbol acquired from the Gay Activists Alliance in New York.
Date: April 23, 1984
Creator: Johnson, Phil
Item Type: Text

[Invitation for Mike Richards Aloha Party]

Description: Card for a farewell party honoring Michael Richards (who was moving to Hawaii) at the Cadillac Bar in Dallas on December 6th, 1987.
Date: 1987-11~
Creator: Dallas Gay Alliance
Item Type: Text
Location Info:

[21.06 Bar Flyer]

Description: Flyer from the Dallas Gay Alliance announcing a two-for-one special at a bar in celebration of the 1982 court ruling of the 21.06 law as unconstitutional.
Date: 1982
Creator: Dallas Gay Alliance
Item Type: Poster

Dallas Gay News, Issue 85, Friday, April 20, 1984

Description: Weekly newspaper containing news, events, and advertisements of interest to the gay community of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. This issue features a photograph of Phil Johnson on the cover, advertising the Gay Archives at the Community Center on Cedar Springs in Dallas.
Date: April 20, 1984
Creator: The Oak Lawn Voice
Item Type: Newspaper

[AIDS Resource Center PSA]

Description: Flyer for the AIDS Resource Center advertising services that the organization provides as part of its community outreach and educational programming.
Date: [1983..1988]
Creator: AIDS Resource Center
Item Type: Text

[Protest rally flyer]

Description: Flyer for a candlelight vigil outside City Hall in Dallas. A quote from Judge Hampton at the top of the flyer reads: "I put prostitutes and gays at about the same level. I'd be hard pressed to give somebody life for killing a prostitute." The rally took place at City Hall Plaza along with a candlelight vigil.
Date: 1988~
Item Type: Pamphlet