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[Obituary for J.K. "Tobe" Dodd, November 30, 1905]

Description: Obituary for J. K. "Tobe" Dodd. Dodd passed away on Thursday, November 30, 1905 at the age of sixty-five at his home on the Dobbins Pike in Gallatin, Tennessee. According to the obituary, Dodd died due to a "general breakdown and softening of the brain." Dodd was a Confederate Lieutenant in Company D of the Second Tennessee Cavalry, and was later Sheriff of Sumner County, Tennessee.
Date: November 30, 1905

[Obituaries for James Irvin Guthrie and Sarah Ann McKinley]

Description: Obituaries for James Irvin Guthrie and Sarah Ann McKinley. Guthrie, a veteran of the Mexican War, died of pneumonia at his home in Sumner County, Tennessee at the age of 77. At the time of his death, Guthrie had been married to his wife, Lizzie, for 50 years. He was survived by his wife and three of his children children. Guthrie was known as a very religious man, and was one of the wealthiest men in the county. Sarah Ann McKinley, wife of W. J. McKinley, died after a long illness at the age of 62. She was survived by her husband and two children.
Date: unknown

[Letter from Jos. Wallace to Charles Moore]

Description: Letter from Joseph Wallace to Charles Moore that starts out with a request for more letters. Family and friends are discussed; the presidential election is mentioned; Wallace coming to Texas; and the subscription school that the son of Henry Dobbins is the principal of. The letter is torn and badly stained and many of the words can no longer be made out.
Date: 1uuu-10-01
Creator: Wallace, Joseph

[Postcard, April 21, 1909]

Description: This document is a postcard from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is addressed to Mary Moore who was located in Omaha, Nebraska. The author of the document is Alice G. In the document, Alice details that she has received Mary's letter and will write a better response soon. She also mentions that her and her family are doing better and that their gardens are growing nicely. She mentions that the weather has been exceptional with good rain, but notes that the winds are unusually strong. The front of the postcard is a photograph of the Presbyterian church in Gallatin, Tennessee.
Date: April 21, 1909

[Letter to Charles B. Moore]

Description: Letter to Charles B. Moore from an unidentified author (possibly Claude White). The letter thanks Mr. Moore for the letter he sent the writer and states that Dr. Miller no longer has an age limit "for the association," so Mr. Moore can now join. The writer states that he and Linnet have left their Tennessee friends and are headed home. It goes on to give the details of their trip.
Date: unknown

[Letter from Joseph Wallace]

Description: Letter from Joseph Wallace in which he requests more letters, and gives updates on family and friends. Add is working with the surveyors of the Cumberland and Ohio Rail Road. Gran became a father. He also says that one member of the Robberts family is building a grist and sawmill at Edgefield Junction. Frank Wilson is headed to Texas. He ends by relating that the weather is dry and what crops have been planted.
Date: unknown
Creator: Wallace, Joseph

[Letter from W. Dodd to Charles B. And Mary Ann Moore, October 31, 1880]

Description: This is a document from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is a letter written by W. Dodd and Matilda Dodd to Mary Ann Moore and Charles B. Moore. Matilda Dodd's letter is on the first, second, and fourth page of the document. W. Dodd's letter is on the third page. Matilda Dodd informs them that she has read their letter to Dinkie which was dated the 25th of October. She notes that the family and children are all well and that the weather has been rainy for the past three days, but last night it has cleared up and turned cool. She includes news about a barbeque that was to be held at the fair ground. The dinner was rained out, but two politicians, Hawkins and Wright, gave their addresses to those who attended despite the weather. Matilda Dodd details that some of their family were to attend that dinner, but did not because of the weather. She discusses news about family and friends and about a trip he recently took to visit family. William Dodd's letter begins and he details the weather and its affect on the crops. The subject turns to politics and he mentions that the democratic party is quarreling amongst each other. He states that he thinks Hawkins may win for governor. Dodd then discusses the candidates for other political offices and the number of votes each respective candidate received. He furthers this discussion on politics by mentioning which party he thinks his community favors for this election. Matilda's letter continues on the fourth page. She details a visit to family and describes a family friend's property and home. She tells Mary and Charles to send a picture of the baby if its possible to have a photo made. At the top of this page, ...
Date: October 31, 1880
Creator: Dodd, W. & Dodd, Matilda

[Letter from William Dodd to Mary Ann and Charles B. Moore, December 10, 1880]

Description: This is a postal card from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Mary Ann Moore's father, William Dodd. A piece of the postal card was torn off which makes the beginning of the message impossible to decipher. The remaining part of the message details that the family is well and that Mary's mother sends some things for her by mail.
Date: December 10, 1880
Creator: Dodd, William

[Letter from Matilda Dodd to Mr. Moore and Sis, August 31, 1879]

Description: She was glad to hear that the Moore's were doing well and mentions they are doing well also. The weather is still warm, but they are expecting more rain after a thunderstorm last Saturday. They are plowing to sow wheat. The Christians have had preaching every night and Abe and Bettie went to Union to preach. Bob has made cider and sold $3 worth in town. They have apples falling and peaches that are ripe. Dinky and Bettie are going to can some apples. They have beans, tomatoes, sweet potatoes in abundance and the late irish potatoes look good. She gives information on Faunt, that he is a good guy and has two brothers. She asks that they write back soon.
Date: August 31, 1879
Creator: Dodd, Matilda

[Letter from Matilda Dodd to Mary and Charles B. Moore, December 20, 1885]

Description: Letter from Matilda Dodd to Mary and Charles Moore on December 20, 1885. She writes about her family's health and their activities marketing their farm produce. She says that John Wallace said that he had never seen as many poor people as he saw in Texas. She passes on the information that Lily Franklin and Charly Elliot are "going to jump the broomstick" (get married). She also says that there will be little candy and Christmas. William Dodd enclosed a note with the letter
Date: December 20, 1885
Creator: Dodd, Matilda

[Letter from Matilda Dodd and Dinkie McGee to Charles and Mary Ann Moore, April 8, 1887]

Description: Letter from Matilda Dodd and Dinkie McGee discusses weather and cold snap that probably killed all the peach blossoms, but apples and garden looks ok. She recommends Mary get her teeth pulled that are bothering her. Abe is in town and Bettie is lonesome. Some geologists had come and visited Abe's gas well. Willie is working as chain carrier for a surveyor. Birdie, Mary and Bessie have learned to knit and Birdie is piecing a quilt. The women made soap and it only took 3 days. Dinkie's chickens are doing well and they sold all their turkeys at Christmas
Date: April 8, 1887
Creator: Dodd, Matilda & McGee, Dinkie

[Letter from H. S. Moore, September 10, 1893]

Description: Priest is very sick and weak. They have had to watch him because he gets up at night. He then mentions the weather and the need for rain. Solomon returned and is looking at land to purchase. Solomon received a letter from Clarence, but it did not mention if he had a fever. Neal did not go to church, but instead went fishing. Brother Carr came again and gave him shorthand and theology. He is getting mixed messages on the shorthand. He then talks about theology. Neal is going to Melissa. He talks about working on a grain drill. He mentions the weather again and the harvest flies. He talks about the peaches he has and inquires about their peach orchard. His California visitors have not made it to him yet and he wonders what is keeping them. He is expecting Lila, her baby, Aunt T and John or Neal to go with him to town. He talks about the crops and the most current condition of Priest.
Date: September 10, 1893
Creator: Moore, H. S.

[Letter from Anna Boyd and H. S. Moore to C. B. Moore, September 16, 1893]

Description: Anna Boyd writes that Will's twins are in school and the new baby always wants to be outside. The school district is putting a suspension foot bridge for the children to cross on. He hoped they enjoyed themselves and wanted to go with them to visit family. John has only one son to help him farm and Will has two, but they are still too young. H. S. Moore writes that John will finish gathering corn, and he lifted a sheep out of mud. He mentions the clouds and that Anna Boyd's letter is included in the envelope. He also says that Priest has improved a little.
Date: September 16, 1893
Creator: Boyd, Anna & Moore, H. S.

[Letter from C. B. Moore to H. S. Moore, September 26, 1893]

Description: He was glad to get news from all of them. He then mentions the weather they have been experiencing. He hopes Priest and Netty are doing better and mentions Bett Wallace's improvement. Mary and Betty went to Tobe's and on the way back got caught in the rain. He went to town with Abe and also got caught in the rain on the way back. He went to Dinkie's place and met his new cousin-in-law. Mary has some sewing she needs to get done before they can leave, but he will try to leave as soon as he can. He expects to see some more visitors and he wishes he could share the good food he is enjoying. He mentions the weather again and says he expects a lot of news when he returns home.
Date: September 26, 1893
Creator: Moore, C. B.

[Letter from H. S. Moore to Charles B. Moore, September 29, 1893]

Description: He mentions the improvements of Priest's health. He fixed their fence because the Webb's cows kept getting into their field. He is having a good time with Brother Carr and translating shorthand. One of the Stiff boys killed a black man last Saturday. He talks about farming and the weather. Neal is in Waxahachie, Texas and is pursuing a writing career. He talks about Buck and how he has learned some obedience. He mentions that the only thing keeping them from starving is milking the cow to have milk and butter. He talks about the weather and the need to go to McKinney for supplies. He read an article in the Phonographic Magazine.
Date: September 29, 1893
Creator: Moore, H. S.

[Letter from Adelitia McGee and Matilda Dodd to the Moore family and Alice McGee, May 11, 1890]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Adelitia "Dinkie" McGee and Matilda Dodd. In Dinkie's letter, she updates the Moore family and Alice on the goings-on in Sumner county. The news includes: updates on William Dodd's health and Willie McGee's trip to Nashville, a discussion about Lizzie's baby, details about a visit from dressmaker Mat Blackmore, community news of health and happenings, a discussion about the hat fashion for the summer, additional community updates, news about the strawberry crop, an details concerning a visit from family. She closes the letter by stating that the Moore family and Alice should write soon. In Matilda's letter, she informs the Moore family of the happenings in Gallatin, Tennessee, and the news includes: details about the health of family members, an update on the cool and rainy weather, news on the condition of crops and the planting season, a discussion about Birdie's duck and goose business, a dialogue about chores, details about Matilda's rheumatism, and additional community news. She closes the letter by sending her love to all.
Date: May 11, 1894
Creator: McGee, Adelitia & Dodd, Matilda