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[A Thank You Letter]

Description: A letter from "The Fourth Graders" to a Mr. Snapp for letting them visit his gin. Watermark on paper: "Erasable; Plover Bond; 25% Cotton Fiber; USA"
Date: 186u
Creator: The Fourth Graders

[Transcript of List of Taxable Property]

Description: A list of all taxable properties: 1 tract land 350 acres. John Emberson fenced 105 acres, and has 90 acres in cultivation. 1 tract 15 acres unimproved, 1 aged mare, mules, 2 milk cows and calves. Pigs, plows wrighting tools, a harvester and cultivator and other things. The Deputy Assessor assessed it at $2,360.00.
Date: unknown

[Transcript of Receipt]

Description: Transcript of the collections of wheat for the first six months of the year. Dividing between bushels to sow and to grind.
Date: unknown

[Letter from Claude D. White, June 11, 1910]

Description: Letter from Claude D. White to the United States Health and Accident Insurance Company in Saginaw, Michigan. The letter outlines the terms of the sale of a piece of White's property to R. H. Landeryou.
Date: June 11, 1910
Creator: White, Claude D.

[Letter of Recommendation to Provost Marshall for Ziza Moore, August 12, 1863]

Description: A letter of recommendation to the Provost Marshal at Shelbyville, Tennessee, on behalf of Ziza Moore. The petitioners attest to Moore's good character and recommend him for consideration of allegiance to the government of the United States.
Date: August 12, 1863
Creator: Taylor; Tarpley, T. D. & Tarpley, J. A.

[Transcript of Advertisement with Written Notes]

Description: Transcript of a written note on the back of a circular produced by Garretson, Cox & Co., Publishers regarding Alden's Manifold Cyclopedia. The note was written by an unknown person and appears to be discussing his appreciation of the Manifold Cyclopedia.
Date: unknown

[Transcript of Letter from Ziza Moore to Charles B. and Henry S. Moore, January 1861]

Description: Transcript of a letter from Ziza Moore to Charles and Henry Moore discussing the recent Christmas celebration and the visitors who came for the holidays. He also writes about the latest news in regards to the secession of South Carolina, Andrew Johnson's speech on the subject in the Senate, and the probability that Tennessee will also secede. The letter was written over two days, January 2nd and 5th.
Date: unknown

[Transcript of Letter to Charles B. Moore, March 21, 1861]

Description: Transcript of a letter to Charles B. Moore of the Southern Confederacy from an unknown person in Dyer County, Tennessee discussing the state's recent decision not secede from the Union, slavery and abolitionism, and the possibility of other countries becoming involved in the coming war when the supply of cotton from the South has stopped.
Date: unknown

[Transcript of Letter from Henry S. Moore to Ziza Moore, March 29, 1861]

Description: Transcript of a letter from Henry S. Moore to Ziza Moore, addressed as "Papa." He discusses the secession of Texas from the Union, slavery, crops, and a recent turkey hunting trip. The letter is torn in several places so that not all of it can be read. All that is visible of the sender's name is S. Moore.
Date: unknown

[Transcript of Letter from J. S. Nimmo to Charles B. Moore, March 31, 1861]

Description: Transcript of a letter from J. S. Nimmo to Charles B. Moore. Much of the letter is written as a poem discussing recent news, secession, and slavery, and there is a drawing in pencil of a bearded man on the last page. There is a note written in ink on the first page from Henry S. Moore to Charles. He says that he is mailing this letter along with another from J. B. Harris to him. The note is dated June 11, 1861 in Paris.
Date: unknown

[Transcript of Letter from Charles B. Moore to Josephus C. Moore, May 14, 1861]

Description: Transcript of a letter from Charles B. Moore to Josephus C. Moore discussing his recent arrival at Batesville, taking the oath of allegiance to the United States, voting against secession in Texas, the likelihood that the war will not last long, and his wish that Josephus could get some time to go home and check on the family. He also writes that Henry was pressed into service in Texas.
Date: unknown