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[Minutes of Public Meeting, December 11,1860]

Description: Public Meeting at Buchanan. Four resolutions made at this meeting. First resolution to form companies, the second and third resolutions on who to lead companies and last for who will be on the Munitions Committee and get munitions.
Date: 1860-12-11~

[General court martial order, January 31, 1865]

Description: By order of the Secretary of War, E. D. Townsend, this general court martial order No.43 states that Captain Henry W. Scott would be released and returned to duty. Scott's trial was held without authority and the proceedings were considered "null and void." The order is signed by the acting adjutant general, but his signature is illegible. The date and location of Capt. Scott's trial is stated in the order.Scott was part of the 1st Veteran New York Cavalry.
Date: January 31, 1865
Creator: War Department

[Certificate of enlistment, September 7, 1863]

Description: A document certifying that Hamilton K. Perry's name appeared in the master roll of C.B 1st Vet Regiment NYS in the service of the United States.
Date: September 7, 1863
Creator: Adjutant General's Office

[Circular Number 12, Issued April 6, 1865]

Description: Circular No. 12.issued by Major General Hancock, stating that company and regiment Commanders forwarding official papers to the War Department without letters of transmittal or any official explanation. Officers are reminded of the necessary of forwarding with such papers letters of transmittal and explanation in order that the same may have proper attention.
Date: April 6, 1865
Creator: Hancock, Major General

[Volunteer Enlistment Form for Franklin Juvell - February 29, 1864]

Description: Volunteer enlistment form for Franklin Juvell on February 29, 1864. Juvell, age 18 and born in Westmorland, New York, was mustered into the service of the United States in the 1st Regiment Volunteer Cavalry of New York.
Date: February 29, 1864
Creator: Griswold, E. B.

[Statement of Oath, December 1, 1864]

Description: Documentation of an oath sworn at Kelley's Creek, West Virginia, by Mrs. Patten and her daughters, stating: "We Mrs. Nancy Patten, Miss Amanda Patten, Miss Mary Patten, Miss Alice Patten - Do most solemnly promise and swear that in passing through the National lines, into the so called Confe-derate States, We will give no informati-on regarding the position of troops wit-hin these lines, nor any other of like contraband character, also that we will not take any packages or letters except those examined, approved, and delivered to me by the Military Authorities - & We furthermore find ourselves to remain outsi-de the National lines - during the war. So help us God."
Date: December 1864

[Relinquishment of Property by Lieutenant J. Girard in July 1865]

Description: Relinquishment of property by Lieutenant J. Girard in July 1865. In this document Lieutenant Girard declares under oath that he has made the proper requisite returns of all public property which had come into his possession.
Date: July 1865
Creator: Gerard, J.

[Volunteer enlistment document of Joseph Short, September 18, 1862]

Description: Volunteer enlistment in 1st regiment of the Veterans Company by Joseph Short, born in Ireland, but residing in Binghamton, New York and working as a laborer. This was his second enlistment. He first enlisted in Company C of the 27th regiment of New York State Volunteers.
Date: September 18, 1863
Creator: Roark, Lieutenant John E.

[List of ordnance, July 17, 1865]

Description: Form No. 3(A) for the transfer of ordnance received from Captain Hamilton K. Redway on July 17, 1865 in Gallipolis, Ohio. The form includes a listing of the number and kinds of equipment received, including saddles, curry brushes, halters, saddle blankets, etc.
Date: July 17, 1865
Creator: Young, W. M.

[List of ordnance, July 17, 1865]

Description: Form for the transfer of ordnance from Captain Hamilton K. Redway to W. M. Young in Gallipois, Ohio on July 17, 1865.
Date: July 17, 1865
Creator: Young, W. M.

[List of Quartermaster's Stores, July 19, 1865]

Description: List of quartermaster's stores received from Captain H. K. Redway, Company F, First New York Veteran Cavalry at Camp Piatt, West Virginia. The list give the quantity, article, and condition of the items received.
Date: July 19, 1865
Creator: Alexander, John W.