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[Mortgage agreement, November 5, 1875]

Description: Mortgage agreement between H. K. Redway and James Q. Brigham. In the agreement, it states that Redway would make three payments of $200.00 on October 1, 1876-78 to Brigham for land in Marion county in the state of Kansas. The land is described in the agreement. The payments would draw interest of ten percent per year, payable annually.
Date: November 5, 1875
Creator: Hodge, Edward A.

[Warranty deed, October 5, 1875]

Description: Warranty deed which details the real estate agreement between James Q. Brigham and H. K. Redway.
Date: October 5, 1875
Creator: Hodge, Edward A.

[Record of Account, July 24,1875]

Description: Record of account for Levi Perryman from April 6, 1875 to July 24,1875 with Briggs and Howell.
Date: July 24, 1875
Creator: J. H. Briggs and Howell

[Triplicate Warrant, March 17, 1875]

Description: A deposit warrant for Levi Perrryman, Sheriff of Montague County, Texas. The warrant is dated March 17, 1875.
Date: March 17, 1875
Creator: Pitts, W. A.

[Triplicate Warrant, July 23, 1875]

Description: The third copy of a deposit warrant for Levi Perryman is for the amount of $58.90 and is dated July 23, 1875.
Date: July 23, 1875
Creator: Dardeux, Stephen

[Triplicate Warrant, March 11, 1876]

Description: A deposit warrant for Levi Perryman, sheriff of Montague County, Texas, is for $369.00 and dated March 11, 1876.
Date: March 11, 1876
Creator: Dardeux, Stephen

[Triplicate Warrant, July 17, 1879]

Description: A triplicate warrant is made out for Levi Perryman in the amount of $1,762.98 and dated July 17, 1879.
Date: July 17, 1879
Creator: Pitts, W. A.