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Men's basketball game, 1914

Description: Men's basketball. North Texas State Normal vs. Southwestern game, 1914. Individuals on a basketball court with people on the side near buildings.
Date: 1914
Item Type: Photograph

Electric Streetcar

Description: North Texas State Normal College, electric streetcar provides transportation between campus and downtown Denton beginning in 1910. People gathered on an electric street car.
Date: 1910~
Item Type: Photograph

Normal College Band

Description: North Texas State Normal College, Normal College Band, 1918-19. Men and women holding musical instruments and standing on stairs in front of brick building. Julia Smith, composer of the alma mater, stands to the left of the drum. She is holding a saxophone.
Date: c. 1918 - 1919
Item Type: Photograph

American Expeditionary Force (AEF) Club

Description: North Texas State Normal College, American Expeditionary Force (AEF) Club, 1919, Campus Veterans Organization. Men in uniform and a woman in a dress standing and sitting on a steps in front of a brick building.
Date: 1919
Item Type: Photograph

Clason's Guide: Map of Texas

Description: Map of the state of Texas and surrounding areas. Individual counties are outlined in green and labeled with roads marked in red and railroads marked in black. Geographic features are marked with relief shown by hachures. Along the right side of the map, there is an index to Texas cities and towns.
Date: 1917~
Creator: Clason Map Co.
Item Type: Map

Ruth Roach, 1914

Description: In this photo, Ruth Roach is standing outside in front of a building, wearing an ankle-length ladies' suit.
Date: 1914
Item Type: Photograph