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Tad Lucas and Ruth Roach, February, 1949

Description: This photo shows Ruth Roach and her cowgirl associate, Tad Lucas, riding together on the same horse in what appears to be a train yard in Fort Worth, Texas. Ruth Roach is in the front.
Date: February 1949
Item Type: Photograph

Bracelet: World War II Souvenir (Italy)

Description: Aluminum bracelet formed as 1 large and six small oval plaques joined by flattened links. Large plaque with engraved images of eagles framing a view of the bay of Naples, inscribed "NAPLES". Other links with engraved views of various locations in Italy and one with a view of a camel and a palm tree labeled "AFRICA". One link with date 1944.
Date: 1944

[North Texas Mascot, 1942]

Description: Photograph of the North Texas mascot in 1942. The mascot was an eagle. He is pictured wearing a helmet. This photograph appeared on the 1942 cover of the Yucca.
Date: 1942
Item Type: Photograph