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[1961 North Texas Homecoming King and Queen]

Description: Photograph of 1961 North Texas Homecoming King and Queen as they are crowned at Fouts Field. Mike Koury, USNT President, was elected king and Sandra Palmer was elected queen. Koury is wearing a football uniform, while a man places a crown on Palmer, who is holding a bouquet of flowers.
Date: October 19, 1961
Item Type: Photograph

[Crumley Hall construction at North Texas State University]

Description: Photograph of construction work on the Crumley Hall dormitory at North Texas State University. The steel and concrete framework of the building is visible, along with other construction materials on the ground at the site. A group of construction workers is visible on top of the structure in the background. A construction crane can also be seen lifting building material in the background. On the back of the photograph, "Crumley Hall" is typed on a label, and other handwritten notes read "2 Col x 3" Chat" and "Crumley Hall Construction 1961".
Date: 1961
Item Type: Photograph
Location Info:

[Students Paper Mâchéing in an Art Class]

Description: Photograph of two artists, a man and a woman, paper mâchéing 3-D art forms inside an art business classroom. There are two art forms; a giraffe resting on a table being examined by the artists and a full body 3-D person standing next to the table. Other students are visible behind them.
Date: August 1961
Item Type: Photograph

[Angel Flight - 1961]

Description: Photograph of AFROTC members on Angel Flight in 1961. The members are in uniform on a football field.
Date: November 4, 1961
Item Type: Photograph