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[Check for Drinking Fountain, November 22, 1921]

Description: Check from the Forestburg School Board to the Practical Drawing Company for $21.00; the memo line says "Drinking fount." The check is signed "Forestburg School brd., HB. Caddell, Sec." The back of the check has 3 stamps. One of the stamps is from Southwest National Bank in Dallas Texas, another stamp is from the Banking or Trust Company, dated November 28, 1921 also in Dallas. The third stamp is dated November 29.
Date: November 22, 1921
Creator: Forestburg School Board

[Account Report, July 16, 1879]

Description: The report details Montague County Occupation taxes for 1879 and was created by Levi Perryman. The document is faded, and parts of it are difficult to read.
Date: July 16, 1879
Creator: Perryman, Levi

[Statement of Account, June 29, 1880]

Description: Statement of account for the taxes in Montague County for sheriff Levi Perryman. The record has been reviewed and approved by a grand jury. G.W. Williams identifies himself as the foreman of the grand jury.
Date: 1880-06-29~
Creator: Williams, G. W.

[Accounts Report, December 18, 1880]

Description: Document created by Sheriff Levi Perryman with the Comptroller which notes debits and credits in Montague County.
Date: December 18, 1880
Creator: Perryman, Levi

[Statement of Account, December 1, 1914]

Description: Statement of Account for Levi Perryman from the First National Bank in Forestburg, Texas. The account lists the checks and deposits between November and December 1st.
Date: December 1, 1914
Creator: The First National Bank

[First note]

Description: Document that says "first note", showing equations. The document lists several numbers, with no indication of what they are for.
Date: 191u

[Record of Account]

Description: This is a record of account for various persons documenting acreage and valuation. The date and creator are both unknown.
Date: 191u

[Bank Note for Bob Perryman and J.S. Bowers, August 16, 1907]

Description: Bank note for Bob Perryman and J.S. Bowers to the Citizens National Bank of Roswell, New Mexico. This note is for the payment of $275 to be paid by February 16, 1908. On the back of this note, it states that Levi Perryman made a payment on March 19,1908 in the amount of $276 and received $1 back.
Date: August 16, 1907
Creator: Citizens National Bank (Roswell, N.M.)

[Bank Note for Bob Perryman, August 31, 1907]

Description: Bank Note for Bob Perryman, E.M. Stallworth, E.W.Perryman, for the amount of $530. Due on February 29, 1908 to the First National Bank of Bowie, Texas. On back it mentions on March 3, 1908 Bob Perryman paid $182 to the Bank. It is also signed by J.C. Phillip Prash.
Date: August 31, 1907
Creator: First National Bank (Bowie, Tex.)

[Bank Note for Bob Perryman, April 9, 1908]

Description: Bank Note for Bob Perryman and E.W. Perryman for the amount of $830 to the First National Bank of Bowie, Texas. To be paid on December 1, 1908. Stamped paid on December 1, 1908.
Date: April 9, 1908
Creator: First National Bank (Bowie, Tex.)

[Tax Receipt for Levi Perryman, November 1, 1873]

Description: Tax Receipt for Levi Perryman for the amount of $27.04. For 640 acres of H.G. Perryman, 160 acres Austin Morris, and 160 acres W.T. Williams. Signed by W.T.Waybourn Sheriff of Montague county and W.F. Grimes Deputy.
Date: November 1, 1873
Creator: Waybourn, W. T.

[Tax Receipt for Elizabeth Webb, July 28, 1874]

Description: Tax reciept for Elizabeth Webb for the amount of $59. By the Sheriff of Montague county Levi Perryman and Deputy Wm. C. Turner. This is a resident example.
Date: July 28, 1874
Creator: Perryman, Levi

[Tax Reciept for Levi Perryman, December 30, 1877]

Description: Tax reciept for Levi Perryman on land. A.G. Perryman 540 acres, A.G. Perryman 100 acres, Austin MOrris 160 acres, and W.T. Williams 160 acres. The total being $72.80, signed by W.T. Waybourn sheriff of Montague County, Texas.
Date: December 30, 1877
Creator: Waybourn, W. T.

[Receipt for T. B. C. White, 1875]

Description: Record of Levi Perryman Sheriff costs for M. W. Costers vs F. C. Taylor $3.25, J. S. Hagler vs J. M. Bryant $4.25, A. Perryman vs R. P. Hunter $0.60,and Johnnas Barley vs F. C. Taylor $3.25. signed by F. B White.
Date: 1875-uu-27
Creator: Perryman, Levi