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[List of ordnance, July 17, 1865]

Description: Form No. 3(A) for the transfer of ordnance received from Captain Hamilton K. Redway on July 17, 1865 in Gallipolis, Ohio. The form includes a listing of the number and kinds of equipment received, including saddles, curry brushes, halters, saddle blankets, etc.
Date: July 17, 1865
Creator: Young, W. M.

[List of ordnance, July 17, 1865]

Description: Form for the transfer of ordnance from Captain Hamilton K. Redway to W. M. Young in Gallipois, Ohio on July 17, 1865.
Date: July 17, 1865
Creator: Young, W. M.

[List of Quartermaster's Stores, July 19, 1865]

Description: List of quartermaster's stores received from Captain H. K. Redway, Company F, First New York Veteran Cavalry at Camp Piatt, West Virginia. The list give the quantity, article, and condition of the items received.
Date: July 19, 1865
Creator: Alexander, John W.

[Ordnance Voucher, July, 1865]

Description: Ordnance voucher turned over from H. K. Kertney, Captain 1st NY Veteran's Company, to W. M. Young, ordnance officer in Gallipolis, West Virginia. The regiment was mustered out of service and ordered away before a receipt could be obtained.
Date: July 1865
Creator: Kertney, H. K.

[Ordnance voucher, April 20, 1865]

Description: Ordnance invoice for stores turned over by Colonel John S. Platner commanding officer 1st New York Veteran's Cavalry to Capt. H. K. Readway, Commander, Co. F, 1st New York Cavalry at Camp Piatt, West Virginia. The invioce includes cartridges and bridles.
Date: April 20, 1865
Creator: Platner, John S.

[Ordnance Voucher, July 2, 1865]

Description: An inventory of ordnance including 2 arms chests and 5 packing boxes turned over from Col. John S. Platner, 1st New York Veterans Cavalry to H. K. Redway, Co. F 1st New York Veterans Cavalry at Camp Piatt, West Virginia.
Date: July 2, 1865
Creator: Platner, John S.

[Captain's Warrant, August 25, 1829]

Description: Warrant from Captain Chauncey H. Redway to Sergeant Frien O. Payn. The warrant orders Payn to warn the listed persons to appear armed and equipped for Company parade at the house of John Burch at 8 o'clock AM on September 7. Payn is also charged with warning the named persons to appear at the Presbyterian Meeting House in Sacket's Harbor at 8 o'clock AM on September 18 for the general muster.
Date: August 25, 1829
Creator: Redway, Chauncey H.

[Last Will and Testament of Chauncey H. Redway, November 7, 1854]

Description: Last will and testament of Chauncey H. Redway on November 7, 1854. Upon his death, Redway wishes to give his wife Lodema one-third of the avails of his farm; his daughter Harriet $100 and two cows; his daughter Electa $100; his daughter Cornelia $200; his granddaughter Ida $100; his granddaughter Ellen Loretta $200; and his son Hamilton K. Redway all the remainder of his estates. Redway appoints Thomas C. Chiltenden to be executor of the will. The will was examined and executed on October 1, 1855.
Date: November 7, 1854
Creator: Redway, Chauncey H.

[Testimony of Witness to Will, October 1, 1855]

Description: Testaments of Witness to the will of Chauncey H. Redway by Samuel Bemis, Joseph A. Bemis, and David J. Redway on October 10, 1855. These documents were recorded in Jefferson County on April 18, 1860 in Book 143 of Deeds. Written at the same time of his will, verifying what is said in his will.
Date: October 1, 1855
Creator: State of New York

[Transfer notice, August 22, 1904]

Description: Transfer notice which details the pension transfer of Mrs. Loriette c. Redway from the pension agent in Topeka to the roll of the Washington agency.
Date: 1904
Creator: United States. Pension Bureau.

[Extension agreement, January 1, 1901]

Description: Extension agreement for Mrs. Loriette C.Redway which secured the payment of a $250.00 bond and extended the time in which the loan amount was to be paid. The agreement states that the principal sum plus interest, 7% per year payable semi-annually, will be due three years from January 1, 1901. Six payment coupons were handwritten at the bottom of the agreement and were to be clipped then taken with payment to the Union Trust Co., where payments would be paid and noted on record. Only two of the coupons remain attached to the extension agreement.
Date: January 1, 1901
Creator: Union Trust Co.

[Bill of sale, September 4, 1900]

Description: Bill of sale for real estate in Harvey County, in the state of Kansas, purchased by Mrs. Loriette C. Redway for the sum of $3.29. The property was purchased in the city of Walton.
Date: September 4, 1900
Creator: Cavery, John L.

[Warranty deed, October 5, 1875]

Description: Warranty deed which details the real estate agreement between James Q. Brigham and H. K. Redway.
Date: October 5, 1875
Creator: Hodge, Edward A.