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[Willis Library reading room plaque 1996]

Description: Photograph of plaque "To recognize the gifts of Federal Bar Association, Federal Litigation Section, with Dallas Chapter, Federal Bar Association." Back of photograph has handwritten descriptor "A.M. Willis Library - Sarah T. Hughes Reading Room 1996."
Date: 1996

[String Ensemble 1936]

Description: Photograph of String Ensemble 1936. Written on the back of the photograph is the identifier "String Ensemble 1936."
Date: 1936

[One O'Clock Lab Band drummer, James Hall]

Description: Photograph of drummer, James Hall. Description on back of photograph states "1 O'Clock Lab Band drummer James Hall is dwarfed by his equipment during the filming of a television special in Baden Baden, Germany." Stamped with identifier "Public Information North Texas State University Denton, Texas 76203." Photo by Roy Bray.
Date: 197u


Description: Photograph of KNTU DJ in booth holding headphones. The back of the photograph is stamped with "Public Information North Texas State University Denton, Texas 76203." Handwritten on the back are the words "Speech + Drama."
Date: 19uu

[Richard Himmel standing at podium]

Description: Photograph of Richard Himmel, archivist, standing at a podium in Willis Library on December 16, 1996 during the Owsley Foyer dedication.
Date: December 16, 1996

[Captain J.A. Price and President Matthews in front of U.S. Air Force plane 1956]

Description: Photograph of Captain J.A. Price, President James Carl Matthews, and two other officers in uniform during Spring 1956 standing in front of U.S. Air Force plane. AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, and Top Air Force are identifiers written on the back of the picture along with the stamp "News Service North Texas State College Denton, Texas."
Date: 1956

[Willis Library interior 1993]

Description: Photograph of the interior of the Willis Library in 1993. Two students can be seen studying, one is typing at a computer and the other is reading at a table with the card catalogs visible in the background.
Date: 1993

[Centennial solar car 1990]

Description: Photograph of the solar car, Centennial, designed and constructed by the Industrial Technology Department (now the College of Engineering) at the University of North Texas in 1990.
Date: 1990

[Necessary Roughness 1991]

Description: Photograph from the filming of Necessary Roughness in 1991. Football players wearing Texas State uniforms are standing on the sidelines.
Date: 1991