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[Flyer & Photos: AIDS Prevention Project Dallas]
A flyer and photos from the AIDS Education Bureau promoting a four hour training program taking place in Dallas to educate community members about HIV/AIDS.
[Sample: Resources and Funding]
A sample of AIDS awareness and assistance organizations along with their sources of funding. This is followed by an AIDS glossary, defining illnesses and medical terms.
[Pamphlet: AIDS... What Everyone Should Know]
An educational pamphlet from the American College Health Association that provides information about HIV/AIDS, HIV transmission, testing, and treatment for the illnesses.
[Pamphlet: Making Sex Safer]
An educational pamphlet from the American College Health Association that provides information about the risks and dangers associated with unsafe sex and ways to avoid STD transmission.
[Pamphlet: Safe Sex]
A pamphlet from the American College Health Association providing information about safe sex and risky behavior that puts you at a higher risk of being infected with a sexually transmitted diseases.
[Press Release: Welcome to America]
A press release from XCommuniquè announcing details for the upcoming "Welcome to America" show taking place in Deep Ellum in response to the oppressive culture.
[Release: "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" (No Regret)]
A series of releases about "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien", a film about five HIV positive black men speaking about their experiences navigating American culture.
[Assortment of Documents: Gay and Lesbian Catholics Issue Open Letter]
An assortment of Dignity USA documents including a press release, letters, and statements addressing the Catholic church's lack of respect for women, persons with AIDS, and homosexual people.
[Advertisement: Danish Film]
A flyer from The Danish Film Institute promoting one of their upcoming films, "Friends Forever", a Danish coming of age story.
[News Releases: Limit on Travel of HIV Infected]
A media advisory and a news release from the Sixth International Conference on AIDS, discussing the U.S. policy that would require HIV infected travelers to disclose their medical information in order to gain access to the United States.
[Letter & Statement: HIV Travel Policy]
A letter and press release from the Sixth International Conference on AIDS addressing the government policy about keeping persons with HIV/AIDS.
[Handwritten Note & Budget with Handwritten Notes: Dallas County AIDS Cases]
A handwritten note and a report from the Dallas County Health Department with handwritten notes that provide information concerning people with AIDS and funding the county is providing to address the illness.
[Informational Document: Cohort Protocol]
A cohort protocol addressing the purpose and plans for six Community Demonstration AIDS Prevention Projects that will address the AIDS epidemic.
[News Release: Seventh Annual Creating Change Confrenece]
A news release from the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force announcing the workshops and events that will take place at the seventh annual Creating Change Conference, a conference designed to help LGBT activists build important skills.
[Research Notes: Lori Thomas]
Research notes about Lori Thomas and her experiences as an activist in the LGBT community.
[Research Notes: Philip Wells]
Research notes about Philip Wells and what he needs for the Creating Change Conference.
[Research Notes: NGLTF]
Research notes about Ron Allen's experience with activist organizations and his encounters with the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force.
[List of Organizations: AIDS Resources in Dallas/Tarrant County]
A list of organizations that provide Dallas and Tarrant county with resources for persons with HIV/AIDS.
[Assorted Documents: Confide]
A series of informational packets, fact sheets, photos, and advertisements discussing and promoting Confide, a home HIV test.
[Assorted Documents: OraSure]
A series of press releases, charts, and research about HIV/AIDS and the need for simpler and more confidential HIV testing and counseling like the kind of testing that OraSure provides.
[Event Program: 7th Annual Creating Change - A National Conference for Gay and Lesbian Organizing and Skills Building]
An event program providing information about Dallas and the 7th Annual Creating Change Conference to assist the LGBT community in building organizational skills.
[Release: Salmonella Warning for HIV+ Persons]
A release from the Dallas County Health Department warning the community that salmonella may potentially have a more serious impact on persons with HIV.
[What's a Cohort?]
A brief description of how to become a cohort in a voluntary study for the AIDS Prevention project of the Dallas County Health Department.
[Research Notes: Community Leaders and Organizers]
Typed research notes with what appear to be doodles about host committee co-chair, Debbie Vaugh, discussing her community involvement and her hopes to continue becoming more active in Dallas events and politics.
[Series of Documents: A Place of Rage]
A series of documents discussing "A Place of Rage", a feminist film about black women's experiences during the American Civil Rights movement.
[Documents: Rosebud]
A synopsis and a copy of a newspaper clipping discussing Rosebud, a film about a woman exploring homosexual desires
[Photos and Documents: The Rainbow Serpent]
A photo, a copy of a newspaper article, and a synopsis of The Rainbow Serpent, an erotic, murder-mystery.
[Series of Documents: What Can I Do With a Male Nude?]
A series of documents concerning two films, "What Can I Do With A Male Nude?" and "Merida Prosrita", that were featured in the Third Annual Festival of Lesbian and Gay Film.
[Document with Handwritten Notes: Camp for Boys & Girls]
A document about "Camp for Boys & Girls", a pop culture satire, with a letter and handwritten notes on the synopsis and outline.
[Series of Documents: Flesh and Paper]
A series of documents concerning a short film, "Flesh and Paper", about an Indian-born, lesbian, poet living in the United Kingdoms.
Documents about the film "Decoding", a short film that re-contextualized common place scenes as a way of creating a new and deeper understanding.
[Series of Documents: Billy Turners Secret]
A series of documents about "Billy Turners Secret", a comedy that addresses how homosexuality is addressed within the African American community.
[Tribute: Remembrance]
A document citing a passage from the film "Remembrance" in honor of the late Bette Davis and her dedication to strong female characters.
[Film Text: Ecce Homo]
Film narrative for "Ecce Homo", a short film that sought to reclaim homosexual sex.
[Media Reviews: Flesh and Paper]
A series of documents discussing Flesh and Paper, a short film about Suniti Namjoshi an Indian-born, lesbian, writer who lived in England.
[Advertisement: Novembermond]
A German advertisement for the film "Novembermond", a movie about the Nazi occupation of Paris in 1939.
[Folder: Dallas 1992 Lesbian & Gay Film Festival]
A folder full of pictures and information concerning the 1992 Lesbian & Gay Film Festival taking place in Dallas and being sponsored by the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance.
[Flyer: We're Talking Vulva]
A flyer with a copy of a news article from The Village Voice printed on the back, promoting and discussing "We're Talking Vulva", a feminist, educational, production funded by the Canadian Government.
[Press Release: Khush]
A press release from Women Make Movies about "Khush", a film celebrating and describing the complex experiences of South Asian homosexuals.
[Synopsis: Pedagogue]
A brief synopsis of "Pedagogue", a film about a gay lecturer who seeks to hide his sexuality to avoid a law that forbids the promotion of homosexuality in schools.
[Credits: Exposure]
Credits for "Exposure", a short film directed and produced by Michelle Mohabeer.
[Advertisement: Exposure]
An advertisement for "Exposure", a film by Michelle Mohabeer set to premiere in June.
[Bio & Filmography: Michelle Mohabeer]
A short bio for Michelle Mohabeer and a list of films she had part in making.
[Events Listing: Festival Screenings]
A list of festival screenings including the year they will take place and their location.
[Resume: Joyce West]
A resume from Joyce West, listing her education, experience, and contact information.
[Informational Document: Community Outreach Program]
A document from the Sixth International Conference on AIDS introducing the conference and presenting different possibilities and tactics to build a community outreach program for organizations that are seeking to assist persons with AIDS.
[Letter & Attachment: Dallas County Patients]
A letter from the Dallas County Health Department with an attached surveillance report documenting statistics about HIV/AIDS.
[Bio: Joyce West]
A brief bio offering the credentials, background, ideologies, and contact information of Joyce West.
[Copy of Article: Mind-Body Wellness Link Probed]
A copy of a newspaper article from NASW News about how emotional and social support can improve an individual's chance of overcoming or more effectively living with illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, and drug addiction.
[Copy of Article: Mind-Body Wellness Link Probed]
A copy of an article from the NASW News about how emotional and social support can improve an individual's chance of overcoming or more effectively living with illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, and drug addiction.