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[Alumni at North Texas Homecoming in 1959]

Description: Photograph of alumni during North Texas Homecoming activities. Identified in the photo are (L-R): Miss Manora Boylan, Ben Wooten, Robert Lee Bobbitt, Miss M. Ann Moore, and J. C. Matthews. The two women in the photo were on staff in 1909.
Date: October 31, 1959
Item Type: Photograph

[1953 North Texas Homecoming Queen and her court]

Description: Photograph of the 1953 North Texas Homecoming Queen, Jeanne Reed, and her court. The women are wearing formal dresses and are seated on and in front of a sofa. A grand piano is in the background. Seated counterclockwise (L-R): Connie Kraft, Betty Sikora, Jeanne Reed, Ann Crocker, and Dorothy Warner.
Date: 1953
Item Type: Photograph

[North Texas 1956 Homecoming alumni luncheon]

Description: Photograph of alumni seated in the bleachers during the 1956 North Texas Homecoming Luncheon. Identified in the photo are: Second Row (L): Rita Pilkey; First Row (L-R): Dr. Cale, Dr. Curry, Bess Perryman, and Beulah Harriss.
Date: 1956
Item Type: Photograph

[North Texas Alumni at 1954 Homecoming Game]

Description: Photograph of 1924 North Texas North Texas Alumni posing by a 1924 vintage automobile. (L-R) Football player L.L. McCombs, Homecoming Queen Pearl McCombs, and football player Winton E. Noah.
Date: November 3, 1954
Item Type: Photograph

[North Texas alumni, Homecoming 1952, #2]

Description: Photograph of three North Texas Homecoming alumni in November 1952 on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Mary Arden Club. Names listed on the back of the photo: (L-R) J. C. Matthews, Edith Clark, McConnell.
Date: November 1952
Item Type: Photograph