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[South Reading Room, Library, North Texas State Teachers College, 1929]

Description: Photograph of the North Texas State Teachers College Library in the spring of 1929. Seen in the photo is a large room with long tables at which are seated a variety of young men and women looking at various books. Along the back wall can be seen shelves of books. To the left can be seen sculptures. The photographic image is affixed to a pale gray mount with line borders. At lower right front corner is embossed photographer's mark: "Shaw / Denton, Texas". On the reverse of the mount are handwritten the following notes: "This picture was made in the spring of 1929, soon after the few books on the wall were moved from the stacks to this room (South Reading Room in old Library Building - now Historical Building). It represents the beginning of the Reference Dept. - L. Brashears." and "For Miss Brashears Compliments of the Shaw Studio." The photograph shows the Library Building (built 1912-1913) the first library building on the NT campus, which later would be called the Historical Building, and is presently the O.J. Curry Building ("Curry Hall"). Lottie Brashears started at NT in 1921 as Assistant Librarian, and worked at various positions within the NT Library until her retirement in 1958. She was one of the first heads of the Reference Department.
Date: Spring 1929
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[Audience in Auditorium, Administration Building, ca. 1926]

Description: Photograph of a large audience seated in the Auditorium, Administration Building, ca. 1926. Seen from the stage, the people in the very front sit on folding chairs while the crowd fills the main floor and balcony area. Photograph is a photograph of a photograph. Constructed in 1923-24, the Administration Building was renamed the Auditorium Building in 1957 after the construction of what is now called the Hurley Administration Building.
Date: 1926~
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